Hi All,

I just received the Platinum Drum Samples which work hand in hand with BFD.
The difference is the Platinum Samples are EQ'd and recorded by Andy Johns, a world class engineer. The drum sound is amazingly real. Great snares, Kicks, Hats, Cymbals and toms. There are 7 complete kits but you can pick any kit pieces and make your own. I have bought a lot of drum loops in the past but I always find that I'm trying to put a puzzle together, looking for the right fill, a Chorus section without a ride cymb etc....

If you own BFD I would strongly encourage you to get these samples. They also include a quick time video of Andy Johns sharing his approach to engineering. (Not only drums) Though Platinum is hungry as far as Gigs (30-70) for full installation. With the price of externals nowadays I feel it is worth the Gigs.

Well, I know I'm always looking for top quality sounds so I wanted to share my opinons of this great collection.

Tony Davilio

Here is the site: