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Topic: Scarbee SID XL problem

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    Scarbee SID XL problem

    I recently bought the SID XL drums package. In the box there was 11 content DVD's and the Halion 3.1 demo dvd. In the installation instructions there is a reference to installing the SID halion player as well as extra SID content (kits) ...but I can not find this. Am I missing a DVD or something? I've installed 11 DVD's worth of samples and I can't access them.

    The Halion 3.1 dvd only installs the Halion 3 demo....

    This is very frustrating. Maybe I'm missing something.....

    Thanks for any help.

    Kevin Perry
    Chameleon Music
    Nashville, TN

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    Re: Scarbee SID XL problem

    I think you need to install the player OEM


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    Re: Scarbee SID XL problem

    Thanks for the reply....problem is, you can't install the updates unless you already have a version installed.

    I'm getting the feeling I am missing a dvd in my package.

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    Re: Scarbee SID XL problem

    With mine, there are 12 dvd's. 1 -11 and another dvd that's labled "Install DVD". The player is on the "install dvd." Once you get it going, you're gonna love 'em...if that helps.

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    Re: Scarbee SID XL problem

    Seems I am missing the install DVD. Thomas has contacted me and is sending a replacement.

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    Re: Scarbee SID XL problem

    what new snares are added to the S.I.D. XL virtual instrument?

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