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Topic: The 2006 Christmas CD is almost here!

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    The 2006 Christmas CD is almost here!

    The 2006 Christmas CD is almost here!

    The master is off the the replicator and the CDs are being manufactured.

    A heartfelt thank you to everyone that contributed and submitted songs for this project. All of the music sent was excellent We had too many songs submitted and we wish we could have included them all. My apologies as we simply ran out of space and time and we had to make some hard and very difficult choices (and some at the last minute). Next year perhaps we could start a little earlier and do a double album or DVD.

    Thanks to Santa Dan Kury (DPDan) for all his magnificent work putting this all together esepcially during a difficult time of his life.

    What makes this album special is that it was made by people in our community out of a spirit of giving and caring. Musicians young and old, from different nations and languages, of all skill levels and training, from different backgrounds and musical tastes - but all united in making this special holiday collection.

    If you want a free CD please let me know and also send me an email (my PM gets filled often) with your mailing address or send a self-addressed stamped envelop to me at Box 400, Orcas, WA 98280 USA.

    I'll post the Christmas Player soon so you can all being enjoying this year's Christmas album.

    Happy Holidays!

    Gary Garritan

    Here is this year's song list:
    1 ) Dawn, O' Joyous Night - by Matej Hrovat;
    2 ) The First Noel - by Stephanie Pray-Urech
    3) What Child is This - by Dan Kury;
    4) Deck the Halls - by Fabio Vicentini
    5) Ding Dong Jazzily - by Jon Raybould;
    6) O Come O Come Emmanuel - by Jim Hammer
    7) Holiday Mindset - by Edward J. Fiebke Jr.;
    8) Laurie and Her Wonderdog - by Pat Azzarello
    9) Remember O Though Art - by Jack Cannon;
    10) Pat-a-Pan - by David Lovrien;
    11) O Jesulein Süss O Jesulein Mild! - by Jerry Wickham;
    12) Ave Maria - by Laurence Harvey/Malcolm Messiter/Dan Kury;
    13) Glouchester Wassail - by Sean Hannifin
    14) Away in the Manger - by Richard Nield;
    15) O Come All Ye Faithful - by Toby Bresnahan
    16) Silent Night - by Dan Powers;
    17) Joy to the World - by Stefan Kristinsson
    18) Medley of International Carols - by David Maddux

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    Re: The 2006 Christmas CD is almost here!

    12) Ave Maria - by Dan Kury
    er....is this correct?!

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    Re: The 2006 Christmas CD is almost here!

    Hi Gary,

    Just to point out you got my name wrong - 5) Jon Raybould (not Ron!!!)
    Looking forward to the CD

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    Re: The 2006 Christmas CD is almost here!

    "Dawn, O Joyous Night" would be a better translation than "Dawn of the Joyous Night" but no matter if the CD's are already in print.

    Can't wait

    Cheers Matt

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    Re: The 2006 Christmas CD is almost here!

    Number 11

    Mine is "O Jesulein Süss! O Jesulein Mild!"

    Not that it matters much - but just in case things have not gone to print yet.

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    Re: The 2006 Christmas CD is almost here!

    Can't wait to hear this. It's a little difficult thinking about Christmas during the Summer, but if that's what it takes I'm sure everyone understands. Now that the Holidays are here, this CD will make it even happier........

    Thank you Gary for such a marvelous Christmas idea........

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    Re: The 2006 Christmas CD is almost here!

    I'll be checking in with all the authors to make sure that we get the correct spelling of song titles, etc. in the liner notes! Whether it's Slovenian or English or anything else, I'm a stickler for those kinds of details.
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    Re: The 2006 Christmas CD is almost here!

    Heheh... my name is Stefan Kristinsson not Stefan Kristensson.

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    Re: The 2006 Christmas CD is almost here!

    Well, I'm bummed. Mine got tossed and no one let me know why - boo hoo!

    Can't wait for the CD though.

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    Re: The 2006 Christmas CD is almost here!

    Sincere condolences to wrayer and all who didn't make it

    But I'm sure we could include all the submitted songs in the online player tho?

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