You don't here much about Wayne Cochran And The C.C. Ryders but in their hay day they were one hot R&B horn band, a real legend. They probably spawned bands Like BST and Chicago. The Blues Brothers said they tried to emulate them. You can go to the official site and read his biography. It's pretty impressive.

He was probably musics greatest blues yeller. He yelled, he screamed, he grunted and sometimes he would calm down a bit and sing but it all fit like a glove with the music. He was like Joe Cocker on steroids. He sang like he wanted to save the whole world with his music. He just didn't have soul, he was soul.

They didn't record much but their 1972 Cochran album was a classic. Maybe the best R&B album ever recorded. Unfortunately it's not available. Four of the cuts on it are on the only CD available called Get Down With It. They start at #18 on the CD. You can buy it from sellers on Amazon. I guarantee just those four cuts are worth the price of the CD. I hope Cochran is rereleased someday.

Are you reading this Reverend Wayne.