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Topic: OT solo transcriptions

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    OT solo transcriptions

    I was very surprised yesterday to discover that some sites are utilising my jazz solo transcriptions without asking my permission and some even have removed my name as the author of the transcription
    ( http://kevinrose21.home.comcast.net/solos.htm - "line up").
    It's disappointing to see that there's no acknowledgement for who has taken the time to offer free material to the web community...


    my transcriptions:


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    Re: OT solo transcriptions

    Roberto, thanks for sharing your transcriptions with us. It's amazing what people take for granted! ~Eric

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    Re: OT solo transcriptions

    I see my original music compositions all over the internet. In most cases, my name has been removed as the composer and substituted with a thief's name. It happens all the time and there's not a helluva lot I can do about it.

    Larry G. Alexander

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