Hello All,
I have updated to the 2.2 player and I am running into a weird problem. I cannot post a screenshot here, so I will do my best to explain. When I launch the Kontakt player from outside of Finale 2007, all I see on the left under the libraries window is a list of instruments from the Finale 2007 version of GPO. For some reason the Stradivari has disappeared completely. Even weirder, there is no logo on the left representing the Finale instruments that do show up - there is just a clickable list.

I can still load the individual Stradivari patches by clicking the Load/Save menu at the top, but I am sure the instrument should show up in the libraries section on the left. Anybody ever run into a problem like this?

Oddly enough, if I open the Kontakt player in Finale, which is still V., I can see both the Finale and Stradivari library as I could before.

So, with all these oddities in mind, here are my questions.

1. Anybody know how the Kontakt player generates its libraries list so that i might be able to restore the Stradivari?
2. Should I expect to see both the Finale 2007 library AND the Stradivari in the standalone player?
1. Is version 2 of the Kontakt player designed to open any library that is encoded for version 2? In other words, in the future when all of the Garritan libraries have been encoded for version 2 of the player, will I be downloading one Kontakt update because a single player should load all the libraries?
2. If the answer to number 1 is yes, then why wouldn't the 2.2 update also update the Finale player?

I hope somebody can answer some of these questions. A little clarification here will go a long way...