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Topic: OT : A good musical test !

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    OT : A good musical test !

    Enjoy !


    I had a good score (without cheat ! ) ... and you ?

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    Re: OT : A good musical test !

    83.3%, nice music

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    Re: OT : A good musical test !

    I should have used headphones and killed my birds before the test.

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    Re: OT : A good musical test !

    I'm not really sure what this test is indicative of. I scored only an average score, but my ears are generally very highly regarded and have served me very well over the years. So I'm unsure what this test proves. If anything, it's more a test of musical memory than ear training. I can hear the notes, intervals and harmonies no problem. The trick for me is remembering them well enough to distinguish between a very slight difference between the two examples.

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    Re: OT : A good musical test !

    well I have lovely ears too- quite big, they stick out, prominent earlobes- and I shall nonetheless have to be content with an "average" 76%.

    I am impressed with Hannes' score tho. Actually, I'm impressed by Hannes in general LOL

    It was fun to do, anyway.


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    Re: OT : A good musical test !

    An average 75% for me. I wonder whether all ofthem (or almost all of them) are different. I sort of wanted to say they were the same because I kept on hitting the "Different" button all them time.

    For original progressive electronic rock influenced by J.S. Bach and (old) Rush, check out: www.soundclick.com/jeffreynaness.

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    Re: OT : A good musical test !

    I got 86.1% for the first try. Then I went ahead and tried it for the second time (without cheating with the answers) and got in the low 70s... weird!

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    Re: OT : A good musical test !

    97.2%, but as a kid I learned to play piano via the Susuki method and used to play "Simon" in the dark for hours. This test was like a pumped up game of "Simon".

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    Re: OT : A good musical test !

    Yep. Longer sequences and faster tempo. Four notes with different colored lights for each note.

    We had the "big" version back in the early 80s (about 1 foot diameter) and it would light up a room like a Christmas tree when you got it going.

    Speaking of Christmas, "Santa" delivered a smaller version of it to my family (the big one had been broken long ago), and my brothers and I had a blast playing it again until my wife made us stop (it was driving her nuts).

    I'd highly recommend it as a stocking stuffer.

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