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Topic: Arranger Needed for Musical

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    Arranger Needed for Musical

    Hi Everyone,

    I've written a new musical and am looking for a professional arranger to orchestrally arrange the songs using midi/samples. Could anyone
    recommend an arranger who you feel is especially talented. I have a duet that has been arranged and I would be glad to forward it as an example of what I'm looking for. Thank you very much. Your help is always appreciated!!

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    Re: Arranger Needed for Musical


    I have just finished Musicals With Strings.
    It's a 30'' piece commissioned by a choir and features famous themes from "Top hat" to "Chicago" specially arranged and linked together with original compositions to form a Suite.
    The instrumentation is Vln1 solo, Vln2 solo, Cb solo, acoustic Guitar, SAB choir (15 singers).
    It is mainly polyphonic and jazz oriented (swing) with some classical moments.
    I can send you the mp3 and a excerpt of the score, if you want.

    all the best

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    Re: Arranger Needed for Musical

    Please do send it. I'd love to hear it!


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    Re: Arranger Needed for Musical

    I sent you a mail about upload...

    Can you give us some details concerning your job ?

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    Re: Arranger Needed for Musical

    The musical is in the same style as Weber's Phantom of the Opera. The other one is serious in nature too, but a little lighter. I will be glad to send any interested parties an orchestrated duet from the musical to give them a better idea what I'm looking for in an arrangement.

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