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Topic: RME sound cards with Kontakt 2

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    RME sound cards with Kontakt 2

    Could you guys and gals that are running Kontakt 2 with an RME sound card , please post their computer systems , and how good or bad they run ...Basically list the motherboard, how much ram and type of ram, etc ...AMD or Intel ....It doesn't have to be a long description ....Something basic , and how good it runs for you ....Thanks in advance to all ...Sincerely , Jim

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    Re: RME sound cards with Kontakt 2


    Intel Mac Mini
    1,66Ghz 2GB RAM 667MHz bus
    RME Fireface 400 latest driver and firmware.

    Running perfectly at a 64 sample buffer.

    I expect you wanted PC specs but this might bump the thread a little and get some action.

    All the best,


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    Re: RME sound cards with Kontakt 2

    Hi, I just ran across your post. I am running Kontakt with an RME Multiface with the Hammerfall DSP sound card in a Intel Pentium D dual core 3.2 GHz system with an ASUS P5WD2 Premium motherboard with 4 G's of DDR2 RAM. I have left the buffer size at the default setting of 512 (12 ms) latency so far and it runs smoothly with no problems.
    Regards, John

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    Re: RME sound cards with Kontakt 2

    Thanks guys....I appreciate it ...I really thought there would be more of a responce ...I guess things are slow in N.I. land ?....Thanks, Jim

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    Re: RME sound cards with Kontakt 2

    Hi Jim! I've used K2 with my RME 9632 but not very much. I now have a sec card just for K2 alone(M-audio 192). So i didn't mentioned it cause it was jus for a very short time... But i had no problem, everything went smoothly.

    My Pc is a Dell server 1600sc quad xeon 1.8 (2 x processor) rackmont, asus MB i think(not clear what it is exactly ) 2GB ram ecc memory 128 mb,..

    I've used K2 with RME 9632, Mia echo, M-audio 192, M-audio 2496, audigy zx 2 and they all worked well with K2. But i could only open tow instance of K2 Standalone with my Mia, Audigy, and RME.. I could also have 2 instance of K2 with M-audio but with as slower driver crap, no asio.

    I hope that was helfull somehow.

    Good luck!

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