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Topic: SonicImplants Strings G3 or K2 Best?

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    Question SonicImplants Strings G3 or K2 Best?


    I'm about to buy the Sonic implants String Collection.
    I have both G3 and K2.1 available to use it in. Any thoughts about which version is better for flexibility. The scripting in K2, is it better than the G3 programming they did awhile back? Anybody have experience to share.

    Thanks in Advance,

    Mr. A.

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    Re: SonicImplants Strings G3 or K2 Best?

    Bump. Anyone?

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    Re: SonicImplants Strings G3 or K2 Best?

    Well i don't have it in K2 yet but i would go with K2 mainly because of the legato script you get with K2 wich is way better than GS...The leg portamento in GS sounds more like a pitch wheel than eneything...It's usable but...well, just trust me on that one.

    ...BTW, the reason the are releasing it in K2 format is because a lot of people asked for it. They wanted to be able to add some script.., and i hear they did a good job too.

    Legato patches are now a standard and you will only be able to do that in with K2.

    So i think it's safe to say that K2 is the obvious choice here!

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    Re: SonicImplants Strings G3 or K2 Best?


    That's been my take on it as well, but wanted to see if anyone was using the G3 version, and having good luck with it.

    Mr. A.

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