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Topic: Jabb bossanova

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    Jabb bossanova

    This is a bossa I wrote many years ago, when we used to meet with friends in my basement so it has a special meaning to me...
    It's all JABB and GPO but for the guitar, which is a real guitar, and bass.
    I hope you enjoy...



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    Wow, this is cool! Nice use of horns, love the piano. Very nice indeed.

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    Re: Jabb bossanova

    Hi Roberto,

    Very nice! I am a big fan of the flute and trumpet with harmon mute texture (in octaves). Good use of it here. I especially like the entrance of the piano solo, so laid back - the whole piano solo is beautiful, very melodic, and it breathes very well. I can see why this conjures up good memories...


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    Re: Jabb bossanova

    Hello there, "Old Bob"---I only had time to listen to one thing this morning, and I'm sure glad your Bossanova caught my eye in the list--and then totally caught my ear. Just completely wonderful. Mmmmm, it's starting to play over again in the Winamp player---Great, I'll keep it on a loop as I get ready to dance out the door.

    Thank you!


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    Re: Jabb bossanova

    great Bossanova Old Bob. Just as smooth as silk and I loved the rides. This is definitely a keeper for us jazz lovers.

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    Re: Jabb bossanova

    That is outstanding, Roberto! Put it on a CD and release it to the public.

    Thanks for sharing this fine tune with us.

    My best,

    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Jabb bossanova

    This is one of the nicest things I've heard with JABB. Everything works for me - wonderful use of the horns, fine piano solo, effective brush work, and good decision to begin with the (real) guitar.


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    Re: Jabb bossanova

    As Larry said: this is worth putting on a CD!!! I fully agree with him.


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    Re: Jabb bossanova

    Stixx, Jim, Rbowser thank you so much for your words

    Jack, I'm glad there's still jazz lovers around, cause I sometimes fear it's becoming an endangered species

    Larry and Raymond, I have often wondered of the opportunity to release a cd of original music, and Joaz helped me clear my mind on this subject... who knows, I might really do it

    Tom, I'm always honoured that you like my music

    my best


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    Re: Jabb bossanova

    Congratulations on the new website, it is so much easier to hear your music now.

    This Bossa is wonderful. !!

    You already know by now that I am a huge fan of your music. !!
    But you always seem to exceed my expectations.

    What this Bossa has, that many Bossa's played by non-Brasillians do not have is SWING .

    This has the weight perfectly balanced, and shows the proper realtionship of Bossa to Samba.
    To understand Bossa you must first understand Samba, your opening guitar groove is a perfect Tamborim pattern playing partido alto, and the groove unfolds perfectly with the bass remembering he is a musical version of the Surdo.

    Then there is the excellent rendering.
    It has become very difficult to say what is live and what is sampled, all I hear is music, and creativity.
    A beautiful Piano solo, and also beautiful piano contributions throughout the song. It is always a challenge balancing the guitar and the piano, but you do it wonderfully well here.

    Your army of fans must be growing every day, and if you ever decide to release your CD, I am sure many people on this forum would be interested in buying it.

    regards Joe

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