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Topic: Which version of Vienna Chamber Strings?

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    Which version of Vienna Chamber Strings?

    I finally have a little money I can budget to some new stuff (hooray for big paydays! ) and I've decided to order the Vienna Chamber Strings. It'll be my first, and hopefully not last, Vienna Library.

    So, quick question before I call Sweetwater and place my order. Should I buy the Horizon version for K2, or the new VI version?

    (I'm actually leaning toward the VI version, only I'm concerned about any difficulties that may arise from trying to use two different sample formats on one system.)

    Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks.
    Dan Powers

    "It's easier to be a composer than it is to compose."
    --Ray Luke (1928-2010)

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    Re: Which version of Vienna Chamber Strings?

    VI is superior in every way with number of samples, articulations, expression, optimization of investment, optimization of ram and on and on.

    You will have to research on running VI along side K2 (I run as VST and AU on PC's and Mac) but that should work would be my guess.

    If at all possible go with VI. (my 2 cents)

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    Re: Which version of Vienna Chamber Strings?

    Easy answer -

    If you like editing and customizing it to sound exactly how you want, get the K2 version.

    If you just want it to load things up quick and forget about it, get the VI.

    The VI also has 24bit samples and a few more articulations, but again it just depends on what kind of a sequencer you are - they both have their merits and either one can give better results than the other.
    Wilbert Roget, II

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    Re: Which version of Vienna Chamber Strings?

    VI - it can load 2-3 times the amount of samples that K2 can.

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    Re: Which version of Vienna Chamber Strings?

    I'm king of in the same boat here, not sure to get the solo str. in K2 format or VI...

    Well if you want the whole thing, meaning the regulare content and the extended content, then you don't have a choice, it's VI...But if you want just the regular content then you have a choice.

    one thing to consider is that if you buy the regualr K2 lib but want to upgrade to Vi 24 bit then you will have to pay full price again for pretty much the same thing... but then will be able to upgrade to the extended content for little $$...
    ..actually, i think you can save a little $$ that way(if you want the whole content that is..), plus you have the luxury of having both format...on tow different Pc wich could be practical...

    ...I will mostlikely buy the K2 format because i see an opportunity here...to have everything in on format . I find that really tempting...+ you don't have to deal with the dongle...and can creat your own legato patches with scrit, or add vibrato etc...

    ...But then again, the 24 bit are really tempting too. ....ahhh! Isn't it fun to shop for these thing .

    On thing is sure is that you're gonna love it!

    Good luck!

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    Re: Which version of Vienna Chamber Strings?

    Quote Originally Posted by Marcussen
    VI - it can load 2-3 times the amount of samples that K2 can.
    I'm not sure if that's true...did you play with the DFD settings a bit?

    Go in options/DFD and lower the override instrument's preload size to 18.00 KB. ...With ram reserved for DFD at around 60 Mb..

    I can load like 4x more instrument than i can in GS3 with those settings, maybe more, i just stop counting!

    Actually, could you do this for me? Load the same patch(preferably a leg inst.)
    in K2 with the settings i gave you, and then load the same patch in VI and tell me wich one use more ram?...That would be really helpfull.


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    Re: Which version of Vienna Chamber Strings?

    Sorry - I seem to recall GS3 and K2 loading about the same amount of samples. Therfore I assumed the VI loads 2-3 times more since it loads 2-3 times more than GS3.

    I beleive at one point it was said that there was no real difference bewteen K2 and GS3?

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    Re: Which version of Vienna Chamber Strings?

    Helo Dan,
    If you project to buy the Extended Libary I suggest you to wait some 10% of horizon product and buy it and after then buy the Vi Extended with Vip discount so you can have the two version's for the same price.
    Best regards

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    Re: Which version of Vienna Chamber Strings?

    Not to derail this thread but how are the Solo Strings compared to the Chamber Strings? I want to add some nice smaller string samples to my virtual orchestra and don't know which is better. I'm leaning towards the solo strings though.

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    Re: Which version of Vienna Chamber Strings?

    Sorry but - both are great

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