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Topic: Request

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    I have nothing to post, but instead I have a request. I have heard good things about the guitar (nylon string) in the JABB - but I haven't heard it. Their are no demos that have it on the Garritan page. Could someone point out which of their demos use it? I'd really like to hear it. While I don't really have use for the whole JABB library, if the guitar is a good one for classical msuci, I might spring for it in the group buy.

    So, if anyone can point me int eh right directions, I'd be most appreciative.


    R. Pearl

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    Re: Request

    Hi Ron

    Here is a piece written by my friend Iain Ballamy.
    It was commisioned by a classical duo of Alto Sax and Guitar.
    I gave him a hand with the Sibelius Score, and did a quick rendering to give the performers some idea of the mood.
    It is quite an interesting piece, written in Iain's characteristically Jazzy style.


    This uses The JABB Alto1 and the Nylon Guitar.
    The guitar is quite playable, has good Harmonics and programmable vibrato.

    I hope this helps.

    regards Joe

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    Re: Request


    Thanks for the post - it helps a lot. Now, if I could just get rid of the alto sax so I could here only the guitar

    The guitar sounds good, and with the group buy, I may be tempted. At the same time, I have the plumbers in my basement working on my steam system, so group buy or no, it may be a moot point...

    Have you tried the guitar in multiple/ensemble instances?

    Thanks again.

    All the best.


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    Re: Request

    I don't believe I've heard this one before, Joe; an
    intriguing piece that invites one initially to consider,
    later to reflect, and then to think again... beautifully
    done. Thanks for this one -- a pleasure. The simple
    clarity of the writing in this is a breath of fresh air.

    Remind me to stop by your digs for some lessons
    in rendering... lol.


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