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Topic: GPO and sequencer?

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    GPO and sequencer?

    I just bought GPO, but the new version does not have cubasis vst with it. Can anyone give me some ideas on what would be a good first sequencer which has enough capability to do orchestral mockups - the cheaper the better for now as I am seriously cash strapped!



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    Re: GPO and sequencer?

    Hello -

    How about trying online music stores like Sam Ash or Sweetwater for low priced audio sequencing programs? I just checked out Sam Ash and there are basic or "starter" sequencing programs ranging from $79 to $99 from companies like Steinberg or Cakewalk. For example, there's the Home Studio 4 (by Cakewalk) for sale for around $79. It's the slim down version of Cakewalk's Sonar 6 Producer's edition which goes for several hundred dollars more. I've purchased many items from both Sam Ash and Sweetwater and, so far, never had problems with either of these on-line music stores.

    There are probably less costly "shareware" or "freeware" programs out there that are quite capable to handle basic sequencing needs using GPO. Hopefully someone here can help you out this type of program choice.

    Here's the links to both Sam Ash and Sweetwater:

    Sam Ash

    Sweetwater Sound

    Good luck!


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    Re: GPO and sequencer?

    I use energyXT a lot, it is currently USD 39 but five or ten times worth it. I can only reccommend it.

    It is a program that comes from the linux world which means: It is object orientated, very clear approach once one understood it, great user community ... and you have to dig until you find the documentation ...


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    Re: GPO and sequencer?

    An alternative would be Reaper or Luna. You can get lots of information here:

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    Re: GPO and sequencer?


    there is another free, easy-to-use audio editor: Audacity

    Have a look at the feature list:

    It is stable and the functions are impressiv.

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    Re: GPO and sequencer?

    Cakewalk Music Creator 3 - $30 (downloaded version)

    Same user interface as Sonar. Upgrade through the Sonar chain as your needs grow.

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    Re: GPO and sequencer?

    Another source for software that may be usable for some is http://www.academicsuperstore.com
    If you are a K-12 or Higher Education student or teacher with a valid ID you can purchase the academic editions of some software. I believe Clergy also fit into this group.

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    Re: GPO and sequencer?

    Thanks guys

    How good is music creator to use with GPO - does anyone know? It is easy to use?


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    Re: GPO and sequencer?

    It is pretty easy. It has the same user interface as Sonar.

    You load a GPO player into an audio track, load the instruments into the GPO slots, assign midi tracks to the slots in the GPO player and you are ready to go.

    Music creator is limited to 128 midi tracks which is more than I would ever need even for a full orchestra mockup.

    You can edit using piano roll or notation windows.

    On-line help is available or you could buy a book like "Sonar 4 Power" and learn the tool in depth.

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    Lightbulb Re: GPO and sequencer?

    Cubase SE 3.03: very good value for money, just a little over 100$, all audio and midi function to make excellent orchestrations.

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