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Topic: Getting It Right

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    Getting It Right

    I've been use to recording with a real live orchestra for various projects I produce for, but have been extremely encouraged and excited about the quality of samples being produced and what's coming ahead.

    Strings and brass have always been my pet peve with samples, but I believe with a combination of different libraries, it can be 90% believable.

    I have posted a little portion of a theme I am working on and used just samples to recreate a small orchestra that might be typically found in the average church across America. I have dabbled in tons of libraries and combined what works best for me.

    If you want to know any sounds being used or combination of sounds used to get the end result, just let me know.

    Here's the link to the MP3:

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    Re: Getting It Right

    Nice piece.

    I'll bite: which sounds came from which libs?


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