This is my first time posting a thread!!

I've got:
Aardvark Q10
Sonar 5 Producer
1.8 Ghz Celeron (soon to be 2.2 ghZ P4)
1536 MB RAM

I currently have an Aardvark Q10 (8 channels XLR inputs) and I wanted to add extra I/O to my setup. I am considering simply buying another Q10 off Ebay since it is relatively inexpensive and I know the cards are designed to be able to work together, however, I'm also considering getting a hardware controller that has integrated XLR inputs (ala Tascam FW-1884 or something of like) because:

1) It would just be nice to have a controller in my setup!
2) I'm getting a laptop and though I wouldn't be able to ever use the laptop w/ the Aardvark (its PCI), I could still do some on-location with that plus a firewire or USB interface.
3) Another Aardvark, though inexpensive, is completely obselete by now.

So... my question is... will I be able to combine my Aardvark Q10 and another interface/controller in the same system? Has anybody tried this? Are there any driver conflicts? Thanks!