I don't know if Giorgio is working on a cello, but I found this (old) news story:

Rare cello escapes CD rack fate
A rare 320-year-old stolen Stradivarius cello had a narrow escape - from being converted into a CD holder.
The $3.5m instrument, made in 1684 and owned by the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, was found by nurse Melanie Stevens lying by a rubbish bin.
Initially unaware of its value, she had asked her cabinet-maker boyfriend to fix it or turn it into a CD rack.
Orchestra bosses breathed a sigh of relief at the return of the cello, which suffered only slight damage.
The cello was stolen from the porch of the Philharmonic's principal cellist, Peter Stumpf, by a thief on a bicycle, police said.
Three weeks later, Ms Stevens found it - about a mile from Mr Stumpf's home - as she was on her way to visit a patient.
The cello was still inside its silver-coated plastic case.
She said she took it home and asked her boyfriend, Igal Asseraf, to either repair it or turn it into a unique holder for her CD collection.