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Topic: Programs to test sound card frequency response and other parameters

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    Programs to test sound card frequency response and other parameters

    Curious to see if I could find a way to test the frequency response of the Conexant ROM-based sound card on my notebook, I searched around and found a program that may be of interest. (I have no relationship with this company or its free program. I just went to CNET.com and searched in their downloads database for: sound card test

    Came up with several programs, many of which look good. The first, Sound Card Analyzer seems to be excellent: Generates sine tones and measures how well the card responds. Lets you see a graph of your frequency response and tells you how far off in decibels, in general, the response is. Doesn't tell you exactly what frequencies are too high or low, though. Also measures noise and signal leakage. Nice. (But my Conexant, and thus my hearing, does poorly in frequency response.)

    The program notes say to plug your soundcard output into your soundcard input. For my internal ROM-based "card" I didn't have to do this. If you di have to do this, obviously, be very careful about levels, so you don't blow a speaker.


    The link:


    (This long URL comes from copying the download link from CNET)

    I could see us building a database here of the results of using this program, if people would use it to test their cards, notebook soft cards, and USB soundports. Anyone else interested? (It looks as though I need to invest in a USB thing for my notebook, and I'd like to know how the various models score.)

    There are several other card testers listed at CNET. I'm still working my way through the others.

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    Re: Programs to test sound card frequency response and other parameters

    Another program that does the same thing (and looks enough like the first to make me suspect there is at least cross-pollination going on) can be found here:


    Go to Downloads to get the file.

    Under Test Results, you can see how several cards have fared.

    There is also a forum for posting questions.

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