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Topic: Triangle?

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    I searched, but after 1/2 hour and no good answer, I'm posting, sorry if the answer is obvious; I am a newbie.

    I'm working with GPO in Logic, classical orchestra piano concerto, can't find a/the triangle if it is in GPO. If it exists can anyone tell me how to find it?

    If not in GPO, suggestions? Does not have to be free.

    Thank you,

    ::::: Opera :::::

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    Re: Triangle?

    The triangle patch is located under the Percussion subset, under percussion toys. It is the top two highest playable notes, A4 and A#4. The A is the triangle stopped. The A# is the triangle allowed to ring.

    Using the keyswitching included with the GPO update gives you the ability to "roll" on it.

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    Re: Triangle? .... and is it tonal?

    Reegs, thank you very much, I found it just as you said. Works just as you said.

    Now I have a follow-up question that reveals a corner of ignorance on my part....

    Is a triangle tonal? I mean, the thing is made of metal and certainly must vibrate at a given frequency depending on the amount of mass, so does that not produce a note or tone?

    If so, you'd need a B-flat triangle and a G-sharp triangle etc.

    However, this does not seem to be the case. The triangle sample in GPO seems to work no matter in what key my orchestra is playing.

    Can anyone explain this to me? Thanks.

    ::::: Opera :::::

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    Re: Triangle?

    Thanks Lee. Yes recording my own triangle would be best. Glad to have found that sample on GPO for the moment, though.

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    Re: Triangle?

    Hey Opera

    Westgate has some very good triangle and a lot of other stuff - for free.



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