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Topic: Strings!!! HELP

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    Unhappy Strings!!! HELP

    Hey all,

    I've been slowly using GPO with Sonar, and until now, I've been able to figure it out.

    I've just input a complete score and have started working on the string section.

    I wanted to try to build my own string ensemble.

    First, I tried the approach of using the ensemble string sections and adding a solo for each part. That sounded good, but I wanted to try my hand at building it from individual players.

    According to the GPO manual, pg. 29, I should be able to use the Keyswitch Assignment for the Solo String Keyswitch patches and change from sustan (legato with sustain pedal) to Playable tremolo. I have loaded the Violin I Gagli Solo but can't find the Keyswitches.

    I have been able to use the keyswitches on the Trumpet going from normal to mute back to normal from inside Sonar without a problem. The only thing I had to keep in mind was the fact the Trumpet was transposed, so I had to select a step up from what the manual said.

    Likewise, I've been able to use the ensemble strings and the keyswitch to activate the tremolo feature.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Earl Green

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    Re: Strings!!! HELP

    Hi Earl!

    Have you downloaded the update to GPO? (version 1.8.3, I believe) Within the update is the Violin Gagli KS Solo, which should contain the tremolo keyswitches you're looking for.

    The individual player patches (Gagli Plr1, Plr2, Plr3) do not contain these keyswitches.

    Hope this helps!


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    Re: Strings!!! HELP

    Thanks Reegs,

    I will check to be sure I have the latest update, but, the version I have does not seem to have the keyswitches.

    So, I guess if I want to use the tremolo I should not try to build my own sections? It does sound nicer to use the individual instruments. But, I can go back to my first way of using 1 section string with 1 ks solo string.

    Any other info appreciated!

    Earl Green

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    Talking Re: Strings!!! HELP

    I seem to remember a few posts on this a couple of years ago. I've tried building string ensembles from scratch but figured it wasn't worth the effort and so gave up. The Synful Orchestra, which used physical modelling rather than samples, is meant to be good for constructing ensembles.


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