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Topic: patch in classic stylus not found in RMX

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    patch in classic stylus not found in RMX

    I'm trying to port few songs I made with classic Stylus to RMX. I can't find a patch named '104 bpm Swing Menu 1'. I checked Classic Stylus library and Example Groove Menus bun didn't find it. Any help?


    P.S. In general I don't find any of the groove menus I used in classic stylus

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    Re: patch in classic stylus not found in RMX

    Yeah...it's there. :-)

    Example Groove Menus - Classic Stylus Swing Menu 1 is what you want

    We didn't duplicate all the various tempo patches because it's not necessary with RMX.....it's always in sync with your host.

    You may notice a difference in the sound because of the pitch change it Classic....so experiment with adjusting the pitch in RMX until you're happy with the sound.

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