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Topic: Adeste Fideles - fanfare for brass

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    Adeste Fideles - fanfare for brass

    I was asked to write another Christmas fanfare for the Dallas Wind Symphony brass, to be performed in the giant (ridiculously reverberant) marble foyer at the Meyerson Symphony Center. Here's what I've come up with...

    Adeste Fideles

    Hope you enjoy...

    - David

    edit 11/22/07: correct bad link

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    Re: Adeste Fideles - fanfare for brass

    David, really excellent work on this, it sounds very well already with samples, it will be magnificent with real players!


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    Re: Adeste Fideles - fanfare for brass

    I can only imagine how brilliant this would sound with live players in a giant marble foyer... mmmm, that will be heavenly, no doubt! Fantastic brass writing, I can never seem to make brass sound so harmonious. Bravo! I envy the audience of the live performance.
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    Re: Adeste Fideles - fanfare for brass


    Let's see..ways to cut down reverb....pump the air out of the hall? Nope, interfers with the audiance and performers!! Fill hall with cotton balls. Nope, blocks the view of the audiance

    I guess this stunning work will have to stand on its own merits!! Great writing and orchestration. The GPO does it justice and the live performance will be all the better.



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    Re: Adeste Fideles - fanfare for brass


    I'm listening to your piece now - what great writing! If you are able to get a recording for us to listen to of the Dallas Wind Symphony brass, that would be awesome! Your arrangement is very inventive, also very musical - congratulations on a fine work!


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    Re: Adeste Fideles - fanfare for brass

    What an excellent arrangement, David! Some
    of the finest writing of this kind I have heard.

    The rendered version is beautifully done... but in live
    performance, this will, beyond doubt, be spectacular.



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    Re: Adeste Fideles - fanfare for brass

    Thanks for the kind words everyone. The performance went very well, except the timpanist didn't hold the final roll quite long enough and folks started clapping before the last note!

    A couple of fanfares I have posted GPO versions of here before are also being performed this month by the brass of the San Francisco Symphony. Gee, I hope they tape the concert...

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    Re: Adeste Fideles - fanfare for brass

    Congrats on the performances, David!

    Well deserved.


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