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Topic: Soundcard recommendations

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    Soundcard recommendations

    I'm looking for a new sound card that has optical inputs and outputs. I have three computers networked (for music) with Echo Ginas in two computers and a Mia Midi in the third. I want to avoid a SPDIF connection (that MIA card has) and I don't want another breakout box. So I'd like to swap the Mia card for a card that has optical ins and outs but no breakout box and will connect to the Gina card of the other computers.

    Any recommendations?


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    Re: Soundcard recommendations

    RME 9652/32 or Frontier design if 48 is ok


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    Re: Soundcard recommendations

    Thanks Scott. I'll check those out. I think I looked up the RME once before and it seemed good.


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