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Topic: Expanded Kits

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    Expanded Kits

    Does anyone know the order of the release of the expanded kits?

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    Re: Expanded Kits

    You mean the existing ones or the upcoming ones? I would guess by their numbering that the lowest one, Expanded Strings, would have been the first.

    I'm DYING for the solo strings kit to come out though!!!!

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    Re: Expanded Kits


    Expanded Strings 1
    Expanded Percussion 1
    Expanded Woodwinds
    Expanded Brass
    Expanded Mallets 1

    Yet to be released:

    Sessions: Rhythm Section
    Solo Strings 1

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    Re: Expanded Kits

    Yes, yes, solo strings... really looking forward to that...


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    Re: Expanded Kits

    Let me tell you, Solo Strings is turning into the most difficult kit we've done.

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    Re: Expanded Kits

    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Windsor
    Let me tell you, Solo Strings is turning into the most difficult kit we've done.
    I'm not surprised. To effectively capture all of the nuances of the solo strings, you'd have your work cut out for you. To me, I think it's a good sign that you guys are spending so much time perfecting this kit. I do hope we see it's release within 2007 but aside from that, I'm patiently waiting for an awesome sounding Solo Strings Kit.

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    Re: Expanded Kits

    I agree. As much as I've love to see it sooner, it will be worth the wait to get a quality solo strings set. Plus its not hard to imagine that the solo strings is diffcult project. When I think of how expressive each instrument can be, capturing the sounds would seem a huge task.


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    Re: Expanded Kits

    We've been editing the SS kit for a couple of months now. We're planning for Q2 2007 as far as I know, maybe a bit before.

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    Re: Expanded Kits

    Thanks kindly for the info, Jason. I am looking forward to Solo String as well. Any word on Strings 2? And does it have col legno and ponticello? Are there any plans to release a Woodwind 2 kit--with instruments like Alto Flute.

    I noticed in the score setup a variety of instruments, I am assuming are to be sampled and released at some point: Oboe D'Amore, Contrabass Clarinet, Wagner Tuba as well as a variety of non-Western instruments like a Sarangi. Any plans on these kits to be released?

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    Re: Expanded Kits

    John2 asks a good question. I've also wondered about some of the sound effects/ambient types sounds also shown by not yet available.



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