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Topic: Multiband compression

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    Multiband compression

    Hi all,

    I need your advice. Which one do you like more?

    The one without multiband compression (I used it to enhance the mid frequencies and the very highest) or the one without that compression.

    Personally I don't want using any sort of compression, but sometimes it seems necessary. Having experimented quite a lot, according to the things DPDAN said in his reply (see Beethoven 5th symphony, somewhere down the thread of the listening room) I ended up with the "without compression" version.

    Comparing this with some great CD recordings I have of piano concertos (Mendelssohn, Prokofiev, Saint-Saens) and violin concertos (again Mendelssohn ,Tschaikowsky, etc.) I felt I was rather near the "professional" sound but missed the sparkling bits and pieces.

    So I went back to the drawing table (Sonar) and amended some of the tracks and brightness of instruments, but still it wasn't what I wanted to hear. To shorten this very long story, here is the result and I really want your comments on this.

    Part without multiband compression
    Part with multiband compression

    [Sorry DPDAN, I still can't afford Altiverb! ]

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    Re: Multiband compression

    It's my opinion that multiband should generally only be used to correct a specific problem (silibance, for example), but it can also lend a little "punch" to a pop song if done in moderation. I use compression on almost everything (always tastefully), but don't reach for the multiband all too often, even though I very much like how well the Sonitus unit performs that comes with Sonar. I am much more likely to use multiple compressors, one on each instrument that I feel needs the treatment.

    There is a definite differentce between the two recordings, and I think there is a very slight improvement in clariety with the compression, but I'm not sure I like like it overall better. I think it may have been a bit too compressed, and you're losing some of the dynamic variation.

    However, the biggest distraction for me is that much of the piano part feels very quantized and with little variation in velocity, which leaves it feeling a bit mechanical.
    - Jamie Kowalski

    All Hands Music - Kowalski on the web
    The Ear Is Always Correct - Writings on composition

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    Re: Multiband compression

    Thanks Jamie,

    back to the drawing board again....... having read some other material I've got to do some changes in dynamics. One tends to be too cautious with raising the volume (mod wheel / velocities).....

    Besides that, I like experimenting with the material presented. Just see it as a fast course on "sound engineering"........


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    Re: Multiband compression

    I started all over again and now with samples of 96000/32 bits.
    Though Garritan doesn't deliver them (as far as I understood) it pays off.
    I am NOT amending the midi files with extra modwheel info, no, I am amending the output from Sonar in Adobe Audition (less work, because those Sonar tracks are divided into more than one instrument - though all violins, etc. - and sometimes the second doesn't fit with the first, so I am amending the result from Sonar). Besides that, with Sonar my CPU is too slow........

    The string section is ready now.... and it sounds awsome!!! Much better than before. So, now for the woodwinds, etc..... For the piano I use a different approach. More careful listening to my CD-recording told me, that they are "mastered" separately.

    The result and all the ins- and outs will be in due time on this forum.

    Thank you all for your good advice, and certainly you made me set my brains at work (again!!)


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