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Topic: selective sustain pedal

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    selective sustain pedal

    Is it possible to set a multi so that the sustain pedal only affects certain instruments? e.g. hold a chord with one and solo on top with another? Is it easy, or is it yet another challenge for all you KSP experts?!


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    Re: selective sustain pedal

    I'm not sure how this question differs from your previous post:


    One can control numerous instruments on the same MIDI channel through usage of keyswitches, CC# (mod wheel, pedal, etc.), scripting,etc.

    If you are having troubles accomplishing this PM me and I'll send you an .nki file of how I set this up to work.


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    Re: selective sustain pedal

    It looks as though Sustain Pedal can be switched on and off only for a whole instrument, so you would have to have your two parts in separate instruments.

    Go to Instrument Options > Controller. In the instrument(s) you don't want affected, switch #64 to "Controller only". (I assume this is how it works)


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    Re: selective sustain pedal

    We got it sorted out by using 2 instruments, one with CC64 to controller only and the other to pedal only.

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