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Topic: OT-Kawai users unite...

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    Question OT-Kawai users unite...

    I have a Kawai MP4 but here in the US Kawai is very cryptic about information. I can't find any forums or faqs. you can contact tech support but that's about all. Any other Kawai users out there? Can someone point me in the right direction for more info? I'm trying to learn about things that will make my life easier using GPO/JABB and Strad. Thanks.


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    Re: OT-Kawai users unite...

    i've been using my beloved kawai mp9000 (previous veesion of the MP4)for a long time, but recently got an alesis fusion for the aftertouch to use with gpo. you're right, kawai info is hard to come by.

    there isn't much on the kawai as far as i know that will improve the performance in GPO. its a pretty basic midi controller, just remember if you're recording a sequence, to only have one layer (zone) engaged or you will record double notes. other than that it's a great piano.

    what specific problems are you having?

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    Re: OT-Kawai users unite...

    I haven't had major problems, just questions. Example, what kind of expression pedal can I use? Does this keyboard have aftertouch and how do I use it? I think in the specs ofthe manual it shows channel aftertouch but gives no indication of it in settings. Haven't yet played with sending cc data other than mod-wheel and pedal but I wuold like to set up cc17 to a knob or slider. Any other tips for using the MP4 as a controller. I love the keyboard though. It's first rate with action and sounds. ~Eric

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    Re: OT-Kawai users unite...

    I own MP9500, the "flagship" model before MP8 and MP4.

    Haven't run into any communities either. But my experiences of their customer service are good though.. maybe you could chat with them? They seem to be nice.

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    Re: OT-Kawai users unite...

    my mp9000 doesn't have aftertouch, i would be suprised if the mp4 has it. most digital pianos don't. I've had problems getting the four midi knobs on my mp9000 to work reliably so maybe you might want to look into something like this:
    for aftertouch and all other controller functions.

    good luck!

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    Re: OT-Kawai users unite...

    Conwaylemon, that Behringer controller looks good and may be worth getting. I was looking for something similar. Thanks. ~Eric

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