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Topic: Where are the GPO sounds kept?

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    Unhappy Where are the GPO sounds kept?

    This is driving me crazy

    I installed GPO last year on my mac, and wrote songs with it.

    Now I have a new mac, and Ive recently installed GPO again. When I open the old songs, written on the old machine, the GPO kontakt player asks "where are the GPO samples....?"

    So where are they? I can see three diferent GPO directories, but none contain WAV files? I Really hope theyre not in a hidden directory...thats just plain annoying.

    Sometimes its nice to use the GPO wavs outside of the GPO Kontakt player interface (ie...with another sampler)...and for this, the user needs to know where his samples are kept. I told the installer to put the library in my sample drive, but all I can access is text files and NKI files....

    So where does GPO put them?

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    Re: Where are the GPO sounds kept?

    The samples are encoded in 3 .nks files. The .wav files are not exposed.


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