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Topic: Nemesys MidiOut error in Perf Tool.

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    Nemesys MidiOut error in Perf Tool.

    Whenever I open the VSL Performance tool MIDI OutPort to Nemesys MIDIOUT: Port1, it always pop up "Undefined external error" message.

    Anyone can help me with this?



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    Re: Nemesys MidiOut error in Perf Tool.

    I was kinda desperate with this until I ended up cleanly uninstall the Gigastudio160 and I realized that the performance tool didn't show the error message again.
    Then I reinstalled the Gigastudio160 again with the latest version available in their web (ver2.54) and the VSL performance tool started giving me the "undefined external error" message again when I choose the Nemesys Midiout Port1 in the Performance tool.
    My guess is that it might be a driver issue, but how to check?
    Any body has any opinion?
    Is it because I have K2 installed on the same machine?
    Do I need Giga vst adapter?

    Please help..



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