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Topic: Does 'Hide resting staffs' do anything?

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    Does 'Hide resting staffs' do anything?

    I'm trying to get a readable score out of NOTION Demo. I'm trying to print to .pdf file and print a reduced score from that, because the score (an ordinary sized orchestra) wants to be A2 and I can only print A3. But the stave size is so small that the score is really no use for anything but wallpaper.

    I tried ignoring the message about skrink size, and got a perfectly readable score on A3 - except where NOTION decided to print most of a page and put the remaining staves on another sheet! Again, unusable.

    So I thought, maybe if I hide staves not being used it might just fit. The Format menu has 'Hide Resting Staffs' which I thought might do this, but I can't make it do anything. Help file is unhelpful.

    Oh - and does anyone know how to get page numbers to print? I've managed to get one page with a page number on it, but it was the wrong number. It's not immediately obvious how to go about getting page numbers, and again the help file doesn't help.

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    Re: Does 'Hide resting staffs' do anything?

    One thing I have done to try to alleviate some of Notion's printing challenges--that has worked--is this: view>single system page. This will get rid unwanted extra score space and make a score somewhat more compact for printing. In small scores, it should make everything viewable(and printable) on one page.

    Jason's suggestion to use Cutepdf works for me as well. One can get Notion set up for printing, and then make the .pdf writer match the Notion settings. With a tad bit of fiddling, I am now able to print clear, useable scores. Worth a shot!

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    Re: Does 'Hide resting staffs' do anything?

    The 1.6 update will fix some of the printing issues when it comes out, hpoefully this week.

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    Re: Does 'Hide resting staffs' do anything?

    My advice to anyone with the demo version is to first and foremost experiment a bit with the program just to get a feel for how it works and a feel for how good it sounds with so little effort (compared to other digital formats). Until one gets a sense of how the program works larger scores are somewhat risky because if the user does something wrong (remember you are using new software) there is the risk of a desktop crash without the benefit of saving the score. Coming from a variety of graphics and 3-D programs, that is a way of life anway. If one has no save function, care must be taken.

    Once I began to work with Notion a bit I simply fell in love with it, and went on the understanding I was using a demo version. I then started with smaller scores to sketch ideas for larger works (things the could not be done in one sitting) and when I had the time, I actually worked on small ensemble pieces. At certain points I’d print draft scores and create wav files in case I did something wrong and the program closed. Note, this had nothing to do with Notion itself, but with the fact I was using new software and a demo. I was lucky as I was able to fairly quickly purchase Notion itself. I did manage to finish a number of smaller pieces and have the scores from the demo. My competition piece was drafted with the demo, but finished with Notion. Now there is Protege for sketching and is a less expensive option, it seems.

    If you do a larger work with the demo, print (draft quality to save ink) and do wav. files to keep as a record in case something untoward happens. After you finish, delete the excess wav files as they are space eaters – just be sure to keep the final version. That is the real gem of Notion. The way the program sounds is great. There is no other way to put it.

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    Re: Does 'Hide resting staffs' do anything?

    Thanks for your quick replies and all your suggestions. I've already tried all those, though - including using my PDF generator at 80% to see if I can shrink to fit without losing all readability.

    I think the basic issue is that NOTION acts as if it only has one notional staff size, and has an obviously restricted way of shrinking to fit, so you are in effect forced to find a paper that will fit the score rather than fitting the score size to the paper.

    I have the saving version of the Demo (for the competition) so it's been no real problem to work with large scores. In any case, my main interest in NOTION was to evaluate how well it handled larger orchestral scores and, in between the various things that went wrong and the crashes and corrupt files and bits of the program just not there yet and some instructions misunderstood etc. I've not done too badly. I have already saved as .wav files, and unlike other programs there is no need to use Cubase or similar to 'improve' the playback because it all seems to come out right straight from the start. But I would like to find a way to get a proper printed output from NOTION as well.

    I have seriously thought of printing a score to PDF and using PhotoScore Professional to scan it into Sibelius. I know, I know it's insane but I thought I'd give it a try. But because of other problems (no word from technical support yet) I had to split some staves which had 2 voices, and found that between NOTION and me the dynamics were not attached properly to their respective parts. So I've done a lot of work on the score to set that right and I still might use the scan option and print the scores in Sibelius.

    But that would be admitting defeat! I'll keep trying and hope I find a solution.

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