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Topic: stabs , hits and falls

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    stabs , hits and falls

    i was wondering if some of you would share few tips on how to create sharp stabs(hits) and natural sounding falls with jbb?

    I know few basic ways to create those, but i would like to hear what techniques and combinations are used by people with more expirience then me...

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    Re: stabs , hits and falls

    anybody? anything?

    I guess my question was pretty stupid or my english is quite rotten so no one was even able to undetstand it

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    Re: stabs , hits and falls

    One tip: combine them with syncopated snare hits for accent!

    Otherwise... are you merely looking for inspiration of *where* to use them, rather than "how"?

    - m
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    Re: stabs , hits and falls

    I just got JABB (thank you, Santa!), and I think this is a VERY valid question... look forward to reading technique advice from more advanced users! (which at this point is virtually anyone/everyone who has the program!)

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    Re: stabs , hits and falls

    is it possible to articulate section falls, swells, etc with JABB ?

    can you have say a sax playing a fall then copy that to a trumpet track and it
    will share the same articulation, etc etc.

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