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Topic: 3 LONG pieces up for Audition

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    3 LONG pieces up for Audition

    Hey there,

    if youve got about 20 minutes to spare, I've been working on a ton of songs, but I felt i'd only post my long pieces..


    Each took about a week to complete, so please give insightful feedback, on anything and everything about em!

    ~Sam Ferrara~

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    Re: 3 LONG pieces up for Audition

    I started with "..Ocean.." and having the volume knob a bit high (just after listening to Tchaikovsky Symphony... a bit soft) this really had a "thunderous" opening... After the first few bars (measures) your composition is predictable, that's to say that it has no real surprises anymore. The rendering is great, but "which movie did you have in mind" ? It has potential for the scrolling opening with all actors, producers, .....

    Now End Credits..... I like this more, writing while listening... nice melody and use of harp... where did you get the voices from?..... now the solo violin creeps in.... my congratulations, this piece is really nice and has a marvellous flow of moods.... A second theme comes in now. A "dance scene" , and in the background some voices, I like the short bowing of the violins....... back to the normal life..... though it seems to be separate compositions, it is really one and now we are back at the original mood. GREAT

    The HYrule... again that movie feeling. The use of different instruments playing some short phrases in the background is really good. The drum section very modest and steady..... you know the brass!!! Tension is building up with those timpani rolls and repeating violins motifs..... I like this one.

    You have a very good way to change instruments and let them play the things they are build for...... Overall thoughts... you are a movie track lover, except the EndCredits Redux. This is timeless.

    Raymond - and I'll keep all three for further listening later

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    Re: 3 LONG pieces up for Audition


    I loved those remake. I see you like zelda you too


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    Re: 3 LONG pieces up for Audition

    Least someone knew!

    ~Sam Ferrara~

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    Re: 3 LONG pieces up for Audition

    All winners, Sam -- but then, you never disappoint!

    I listened to all three of these with much pleasure; but
    I must say I was most taken with Ocean Redux -- for its
    energy and life and joy.

    Wonderful work as always -- and perhaps the best twenty
    minutes of my day, Sam... thanks.


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