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Topic: question to M-audio kyestation 88 pro users.

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    question to M-audio kyestation 88 pro users.

    Hi people...
    I have some questions to You as I'm thinking of getting M-audio Keys 88 pro or CME UF8....

    regarding M-audio keystation 88 pro:
    1) Are there any problems with keys ? hanging notes or something like that ??
    2) How's the USP driver in windows working ???
    3) Any problems with knowbs/sliders ???

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    Re: question to M-audio kyestation 88 pro users.


    I love mine and have had no problems at all! I am using it with a Mac, so I can't speak to the windows thing. Faders are working great and I use them a lot! No stuck MIDI notes, I am using it with DP, ProTools, and Logic.



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    Re: question to M-audio kyestation 88 pro users.

    1) I have yet to experience hanging notes.

    2) Works fine in Windows XP Pro.

    3. Nope, no problems at all.
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    Re: question to M-audio kyestation 88 pro users.

    ouch... I kept mine only one weekend. Nuances with sampled pianos (from Sampletekk and PMI) were impossible. But it was just when this product went out. Maybe they improved it. I would recommend to bring your notebook (if you have one) in the music store and to plug the keysation pro 88 in it, and play your favorite samples to make your own idea.

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    Re: question to M-audio kyestation 88 pro users.

    I've been looking around for a new 88 hammered keyboard myself.
    Ever since I dumped diet pop(sorry Frank, ...soda) on my Fatar sl-880 and lost 3 keys, I got 1.5 keys working, which is such pain taking apart. But, I never liked it's velocity response anyways. The high vel is sparse and the low vel is almost not there. I also want some sliders and knobs, that the sl-880 lacks.

    The M-audio keystation 88 pro and the CME UF8 looks attractive, esp price wise. But I have yet to read anything good about either, most note the poor keys on both. Being a piano junkie, they both turn me off... that's too bad.

    In the new Sweetwater Pro Gear, there is a Yamaha ad. It looks like they are CME distributors.... I wish they would slap their keys in it.

    Anyways, I suppose either is fine if playing piano isn't your thing, just having 88 keys for keyswitching is nice.

    I think I'm gonna end up going with a Kawai MP8 plus a Novation remote zero sl.... should keep me happy until I spill something on them

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    Re: question to M-audio kyestation 88 pro users.

    How about the M-audio Keystation 88es? No knobs but at least it has 88 keys and it's much cheaper. How are the keys on that one?

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    Re: question to M-audio kyestation 88 pro users.

    I keep playing the new 88 note "piano action" keyboards, but I haven't found one I like better than my Roland Rhodes MK-80 or the original Korg SG-1D.

    I find it odd that no one has made an amazing breakthrough in terms of piano feel for a keyboard in the ensuing years.

    The features are better, for sure, and more plentiful, but still no better feel (at least to my untrained hands)... I wonder why!
    Bill Thompson
    Audio Enterprise

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    Re: question to M-audio kyestation 88 pro users.

    I had this keyboard, but found it to be very stiff for real pianistic work. Also, the velocity expression curves, depending on the one you select, do affect the way samples respond. For USB, with Cubase SX3, once setup, you can't turn off the keyboard, then turn it back on. That screws up SX3 requiring you to reboot the computer.

    Ultimately, I move to a Yamaha S90 that Musicians Friend had a killer sale price on earlier this year that has since NOT been repeated. The S90 is very pianistic and with sample libraries, you really get an extra musical opportunity to get repeated pitches to sound natural without the so-called "sucky" sound we keep reading about.
    Peter L. Alexander
    Learn it right the first time.

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    Re: question to M-audio kyestation 88 pro users.

    Two questions about M-Audio keyboards:

    1. Are the keys the same on the Keystation 88 Pro and the Prokeys 88?

    2. Are the keys the same on the Keystation 88es and the ProKeys 88sx?

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    Re: question to M-audio kyestation 88 pro users.

    I own the m-audio ProKeys88-- I'm somewhat happy with it. I chose it over the other model because the prokeys comes with 15 or so crappy sounds. This way, my wife doesn't have to load up my computer in order to play something. Keep in mind, the sounds suck.

    Also, the "piano action" isn't great. It feels a little bit fake, something about the way the keys give way to weight. Whatever.

    MIDI-wise, I'm very happy. It has a USB out feature which I love!


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