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Topic: Kontakt for Intel-Mac problem!

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    Kontakt for Intel-Mac problem!

    so here is the situation:

    purchased the Garritan Jazz and Big Band sound set...

    needed more comp power so i bought a an Intel-Mac (wanted one anyway!)...

    then i had to wait for the kontakt UB ver so i could use my Garritan sounds with FINALE 2006 which isn't even a year old...

    now it seems that there IS NO update for the kontakt player included with FINALE 2006 and i'm forced to buy FINALE 2007 and update the Kontakt Player 2 if i wish to take advantage of FINALE's speed on the Intel-Mac...

    anyone else frustrated with this?

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    Re: Kontakt for Intel-Mac problem!

    I am in exactly the same boat.

    Sadly, the UB Kontakt player 2 isn't ready for the Intel-Mac yet (was supposed to be ready back in October).

    I am tired of waiting and moved on to other things. JABB just sits idle. If I try to use it in Rosetta mode, it stutters with only a few instruments playing, even with the Lite versions. Forget trying to use the Ambience reverb in Rosetta mode with some instruments playing as the CPU will really stutter. So far, JABB has been a waste of time and money for me. I guess the answer in this case is to install it and use it on a Windows XP system.

    Who knows when NI will come out with the update.


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    Re: Kontakt for Intel-Mac problem!

    It seems that NI has finally come out with an update to UB on Intel-Macs. However, we need to wait for Garritan to update JABB and GPO yet. So, it looks like maybe by the end of this month.


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