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Topic: Anthology Celtic Winds

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    Anthology Celtic Winds

    Hi all

    Celtic Winds is the first product I've used from Bela D Media - and I have to say I'm completely blown away (no pun intended). This has to be one of the most organic libraries ever - it's incredibly expressive and playable.

    I hope this is a trend, or at least others are taking note. I would much rather have a well-concieved, fully developed genre collection like this, than a mega collection of samples I have to struggle to tame. It's like these guys got inside the brain of each instrument and how it could/would respond, and then scripted all of this in K2. Awesome.

    I honestly can't say enough good things about this. Job well done!


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    Re: Anthology Celtic Winds

    That's good to hear gpax. I'm going to be taking a look at these in the future. Organic and playable are very good words to hear.

    In terms of mega collections vs. these kinds of collections... I personally don't mind having both. I like having a wide assortment of instruments to choose from in order to round out a mix and then having the specialty libraries like this for soloing, etc.

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    Re: Anthology Celtic Winds

    u're right, but to me playability is the number one factor-- i think the general consensus is that spending all your time programming midi is not a very musical approach to making music--

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    Re: Anthology Celtic Winds

    I think the mega library has it's place as well, and I certainly use these extensively. Anthology just feels like a different (and refreshing) way of working - less about editing MIDI, and more about the qualities of the instrument itself. It's still samples, of course, and you still have to program your keyswitches, etc.

    I've only been with this a couple of days, mind you, so these are initial impressions. But when you spend eternity working with libraries, you know when something is just more adaptive. There's a distinct sense of the whole instrument, not just samples that have to be connected together.

    I'm a junkie for Celtic sounds anyway, so love was in the air.

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    Thumbs up Re: Anthology Celtic Winds

    Very kind of you gpax! Thank you for your support.

    Francis Belardino
    Bela D Media.com
    Bela D Media | www.BelaDMedia.com

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    Re: Anthology Celtic Winds

    El gusto es mio.

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    Re: Anthology Celtic Winds

    I suspect I'll be getting mine some time in the new year. Looking forward to it.

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    Re: Anthology Celtic Winds

    Quote Originally Posted by gpax
    El gusto es mio.
    Gracias, amigo!

    Quote Originally Posted by Marcussen
    I suspect I'll be getting mine some time in the new year. Looking forward to it.
    I hope you enjoy it Marcussen, and looking forward for your feedback.
    Eduardo Tarilonte |Sample Library Developer
    SampleLibraries |MyWeb

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    Re: Anthology Celtic Winds

    Quote Originally Posted by TARI
    I hope you enjoy it Marcussen, and looking forward for your feedback.
    I'll be sure to let you know and maybe hear what I think!

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    Re: Anthology Celtic Winds

    Is it possible to have more informations about "Anthology Celtic Winds" like keyswitch, number of velocity per notes, with and without vibrato,staccato notes and long notes, crescendo, etc...
    How much gig of samples...
    As owner of gigastudio and Kontakt, does this product contain the both version in the package..
    The demo have a lot of reverb: is this reverb inside the sample or added by other reberb plugin?
    Thanks for answer
    Best regards

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