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Topic: Hello

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    I just joined the forum, so I figured I'd say hi.
    I've created new age/chillout/electonic music for about 2 years now. I look forward to a mature artist oriented forum that seems so hard to find, nowadays...

    Jason Edward Dudley
    New Age / Electronic / Chillout music

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    Smile Re: Hello

    Hi JEDmusic and welcome!
    "So what if some parts of life are a crap shoot? Get out there and shoot the crap." -- Neil Peart
    Hint:1.6180339887498948482 Φ

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    Re: Hello

    How old is Brian?

    Hint:1.6180339887498948482 Φ

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    Re: Hello

    I believe Brian was born in 1770, so that means he's about to turn 236

    I believe this is an older picture, from way back in the days of the peaceful Napoleon protest demonstrations held in Vienna
    "make mad symphonies, not war"

    I heard some people got so messed up they were hacking up blood....
    man, how I wish I was there

    Welcome JEDmusic

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