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Topic: A short GPO piece

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    A short GPO piece

    Here is a short counterpoint study I recently completed... just for fun.

    A chamber work utilizing Strings 1&2, Viola, Cello, and Basses.

    Still an ongoing process of learning to make samples appear more natural... feedback is welcomed!



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    Re: A short GPO piece

    Very nice work, this sounds like quite an elegant piece. I'm no expert on counterpoint at all, but to my ears it sounds well done! Also, whatever you're doing to make your samples sound more natural, it's working very well, the strings sound great!
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    Re: A short GPO piece

    It sounds pretty realistic to me. The reverberation was done well. What did you use for reverb? I would like to hear more of your string work.

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    Re: A short GPO piece

    Great work on this, Jeff. Both writing and rendering. The reverb is dead on for my taste. Very enjoyable!
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    Re: A short GPO piece

    Very nice writing, Jeff. Strings sound pretty convincing. Did you apply an EQ? Sometimes, it takes the "edge" off of the high, piercing strings. But, not a real problem with your production.

    Great stuff, Jeff.

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    Re: A short GPO piece

    Quote Originally Posted by valhalx
    Great work on this, Jeff. Both writing and rendering. The reverb is dead on for my taste. Very enjoyable!
    I fully agree with you, but please explain the expression "the reverb is dead on.." As a non-native-english reader I don't exactly know what it means.

    Nice piece though!!

    [not only improving his sounds, but his english too]

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    Re: A short GPO piece

    Hi Raymond. I hope folks don't mind me chipping in here but just to explain that "the reverb is dead on.." means it is perfect. Spot on. Just right.

    Hope this helps.

    PS Jeff - I agree about the reverb. Excellent. Nice piece.

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    Re: A short GPO piece

    Thanks for the positive feedback!

    I'm just a beginner, especially in the realm of chamber works. Even after re-listening, I can see many areas I would change.

    Sean, thanks!... I'm no expert in counterpoint either... and to be honest, not sure it's even considered a true counterpoint!

    Jaynkate01, I appreciate the comments. As for the reverb. ..It's mostly the Garritan Ambience (Ballroom 1)... and with perhaps a touch of CubaseSL's default reverb (Reverb A)... But I found the key was to vary the amount throughout the duration of the arrangement... ie: dryer it during heavy overlapping sections, wet for thin solos.

    Bill, Im pleased to hear the reverb settings worked! Took me several attempts. This is always an area of difficulty, as there's no standard measurement, everyone's monitors /headphones are dramatically different.

    Jack, you have a keen ear.. as a matter of fact, I did use some EQ! I'm still new with GPO strings, and haven't found the perfect settings, sample combinations for a great performance as others have... I'm trying to cheat a bit by, as you mentioned, taking the "edge" off the high end.. hopefully removing a bit of that nasal sound I seem to always get. And thanks for the positive words!

    Raymond, "Dead on the mark" is indeed an odd/morbid expression... perhaps it derived from the old gun-slinging days of sharp shooting. Thanks for listening, and the comments!

    Jon, thank you for the kind words!


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    Re: A short GPO piece

    Superb start on this, Jeff! But this strikes me as
    largely expository.

    Bring it on, Jeff, bring on the development!

    As for the rendering -- I don't know if this will
    apply to how you work -- but one thing I often
    do is mix in one of the solo violin voices with
    the section voices... which gives you much
    better articulation, and a bit of a sheen to the
    section sound. In fairly rich contrapuntal
    textures like this, it also tends to lend clarity
    to line.



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    Re: A short GPO piece

    Thanks David.!

    ..haven't seen your posts in a while,... and your reply to mine, I just saw only today.

    I agree with your technique of combining a solo instrument along with sections.. Which I did in this case..
    Perhaps I could have brought it more forward a bit.

    Thanks again for the comments!


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