Hi everybody:

You can hear excerpts from four of my pieces on the TASCAM/GVI website now:


Please check them out... there are three musical links, each will yield about one minute of music, so your time sacrifice will be minimal...

There are excerpts from two psychedelic/progressive rock songs, Durga Slays the Demons and Teratoma, each of which combine sampled drums and sounds with actually-played bass, guitars, synths, and other-sounds. Fans of '70s French prog groups like Heldon should enjoy...

I took a theme from Stalking the Wrong Muse, a larger piece that I am working on in VSL, and recreated a short excerpt from it here using only SONiVOX sounds that came bundled with GVI.

Finally, Drowning in the Desert, Part 1 is a solo piano piece, rendered once again with TBO.

The "More about the author" link on the TASCAM/GVI page will actually lead to a slightly more detailed description of the pieces, and how they wer created.

I hope that you like them, and would appreciate all comments, critiques, etc.

Giga and GVI are such phenomenal tools, and I realize that I am just starting to scratch their respective surfaces (not to mention the surfaces of the various libraries). But I'm going to keep on scratchin'...