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Topic: HDs management PC for music.

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    HDs management PC for music.

    I am building a new PC (P4/3GHz/3GBRAM) for music right now & would like to ask for opinion on the hard disks management system.

    I have 80GB ATA, 120GB ATA, & 250GB SATA (2).

    My planning is :
    1. Partition the 80GB ATA into 20GB for OS (is it too much?) & the rest 60GB for program files.
    2. 120GB ATA for data files.
    3. RAID the two 250GB SATA into 500GB for sample libraries.

    WHat do you guys think?


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    Re: HDs management PC for music.

    I'm far from an expert in this but I believe when you RAID (and there are different types 0, 1, 5 are three I know of) you dont actually get the summation of the two disks as available space, I think its more like one of the disk spaces, but again I am not expert in this so check out some of the optehr threads.


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