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Topic: Note drop outs

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    Note drop outs

    I wondered if anyone had solved this issue. My gigastudio ensemble 3.2 runs fine with this one exception. Firstly in my case it only affects bass, but it could be any instrument, and you would think that should point to the gig file. The drop outs are random, and only appear to happen when all tracks are playing, but the polyphony doesn't get anywhere near the maximum of 160. I am about to try all new bass files, and will update the results. It was just that I hoped there was something discovered by some genius that would fix this.
    Any comment appreciated

    Memory: 2039 Mbytes
    2 - CPU: 2808 MHz, Unknown Family F (CPU ID f29) - SSE supportted, 3DNOW not supportted
    OS: Windows Xp v5.1.2600
    C:\ - DRIVE_FIXED 74.532 Gbytes (Total Size), 65.147 Gbytes (Avail space)
    D:\ - DRIVE_FIXED 93.138 Gbytes (Total Size), 36.821 Gbytes (Avail space)

    WaveOut devices (3):
    Device 0 - M-Audio Delta AP Multi
    Device 1 - M-Audio Delta AP 1/2
    Device 2 - M-Audio Delta AP S/PDIF

    MidiOut devices (7):
    Device 0 - Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth
    Device 1 - GigaOut: Port 1 / Control
    Device 2 - GigaOut: Port 2
    Device 3 - GigaOut: Port 3
    Device 4 - GigaOut: Port 4
    Device 5 - Delta AP MIDI
    Device 6 - LoopBe Internal MIDI

    MidiIn devices (2):
    Device 0 - Delta AP MIDI
    Device 1 - LoopBe Internal MIDI

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    Re: Note drop outs

    You might try optimizing Windows for real-time operation. The CPU may be occasionally doing some other task, like calculating Bill Gates' net worth.

    Here's what I have used: http://videoguys.com/WinXP.html

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    Re: Note drop outs

    Thanks Jon

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