Sorry to go on this topic again, but after sorting through all the new scripts available for pianos in Kontakt 2, I am (and others have said the same) more confused than ever. I want to compile a list of scripts including the pros/cons and solutions for each one and provide it on this forum for everyone. Hopefully it will be the "be all and end al"l of the discussion (until a new script is introduced) Below are the scripts I know about and my main concerns.


1) Kornel Mezo PSR Script:

I love the graphic interface that allows me to see what harmonics are being added. I also find it very good in terms of user option/configurability, but had to read through the instructions many times to get it.

Pros: Looks Cool, configurable, half pedalling and repedaling, harmonic resonance/soft pedal (though I think it only affects the volume, not the tone)

Cons: Seems to use a lot of resources, half pedaling is not variable (it is literally on, off, or half, as opposed to graduall increments) and its a little bit buggy (the main problem is a weird thing: if I do not solo my Bardstown Bosendorpher (I have the Kornel version that was specifically made for it) the keyboard sound plays even if I have disabled it in the script, so I cannot use the script in a separate rack for harmonics, even though the instructions say I can--also, make sure to disable CPU limiting in the Kontakt options when rendering or it skips notes)

Questions: Why does the Steinberg D version say that it is tuned for an EW Bosendorfer 275 ? Can this script be used for any piano or not? What does it mean that it is "tune for" a particular piano.


2) Xavier "Full PRM + 1/2ped" Script from AF Full CONV in Kontakt update 2.1

Pros: Seems easy to use and has variable Sustain Pedal which works great. I'm told it can be used with any Piano (Is this true?).

Cons: Doesn't seem to do repedalling. Also, some people have complained about bugs in it, though a solution was posted by the creator on a thread in this forum and seems to work if you follow the instructions exactly (The text of a new script is program is embedded in the solution for copy/paste but requires a fix that is mentioned at the bottom of the post.)

Questions: I don't understand if it is creating harmonics or not, and does it bypass a piano's Pedal down scripts to create the Pedal Down sound from individual notes?


Oliver Frappier Script:

The one in the Kontakt library says seems to be similar to the Kornel Script, and possibly more advanced, but soen't seem to have a graphics option like the Kornel script. I only used this a little so I don't know much:

Pros/Cons: unknown

Questions: does this create harmonics/pedal down sound from pedal up samples? How is this better/different than Kornel Script. Can this be used for any piano? What about half pedal and repedal? Is there soft pedal emultion (and if so, does it affect tone or just volume)


Hammer Sound Script: Don't know what else to call it!

This is the script that allows for adjustment of hammer sound as well as pedal up note release and pedal down resonance (correct me if I'm wrong) It is in the Kontakt Library (not sure if it is in 2.0 or only in 2.11 update. Don't know who's it is:

Pros: interesting to be able to control hammer sound (I wonder how the sound is created).

Cons: Not sure yet, but doesn't seem to add harmonics.


Who made the script? Is it an older or newer version of one of the scripts mentioned already? Half Pedalling and repedaling? Will it only work with the Piano it comes with or for any piano?


Convolution Pedal Script from Steinway D?

I don't know much about it:

Pros: Uses mathematical process to recreate pedal down resonance from a real sample:

Cons: Sounds like crap on the K2 Steinway D, but that might just be because I hate that piano in general (the K2 Version I mean, not the real-life piano)

Questions: Can this be used on other pianos and will it sound good assuming the user likes the piano on which it is being added. Does it only affect the sound when the pedal is down? How about combining it with the other scripts?


That's all I know: do you know of any others? Do you have the answers? Which one do you like best?

Please respond