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Topic: Scripting in GVI - Gigastudio

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    Scripting in GVI - Gigastudio

    "Bela D Media has intentions to release this product in a native GigaStudio/GS3 version. The Kontakt 2 version makes great use of advanced scripting and we are currently in the process of obtaining a method of matching that power within the non-scripting limitations of GigaStudio/GS3."
    Pleas when will there be scripting opinions in the gigastudio?

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    Re: Scripting in GVI - Gigastudio

    Full Giga scriptage would make me extremely happy.....
    — alanb




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    Re: Scripting in GVI - Gigastudio

    Here's me speaking without knowing, but my gut feeling is that GVI/GS will not have scripting. If certain special functionality is needed it will be built into it to take advantage of without scripting. This has been the Gigastudio way and I don't imagine it changing significantly any time soon.

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    Re: Scripting in GVI - Gigastudio

    I wonder what Bela D requires that can't be done with GS3's iMIDI....

    - G

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    Re: Scripting in GVI - Gigastudio

    The quoted statement means that we plan to release in GS3 but have to find a way around the fact that GS3 cannot script. Our GS3 programmer is basically telling us, "No way" can this be done in GS3. Therefore, we need to find a work around. We will have to create a GS3 version that offers much less then the K2 version. We are bound by the tools they give us everyone. All of this is still in debate for us and IMIDI cannot come close to what K2 scripting can do.

    A note from our GS3 programmer about porting Celtic Wind into GS3.

    And now the bad news.....Having perused the mapping documentation and considered the options available, I'm going to have to tell you what you probably already guessed - that this libraries requirements are beyond Giga at the present time. With usability and feature parity being of such importance to users right now, it could be hard to market in GS3.
    Bela D Media | www.BelaDMedia.com

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    Re: Scripting in GVI - Gigastudio

    Quote Originally Posted by Bela D Media
    the fact that GS3 cannot script
    Can't it?

    I know nothing about K2's scripting capabilities, but can't GS3's "iMIDI" rules be used to address the same sort of tasks?

    If there are specific things that your programmer would like to see written into the iMIDI spec (or elsewhere), have you contacted the folks at TASCAM about it? It would certainly be in their interest (and yours... and, ultimately, ours) for them to work with you on it... and I'm certain that they'd be receptive to useful suggestions...???

    er... please?!?!?
    — alanb




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    Re: Scripting in GVI - Gigastudio

    Well, first Tascam has to stand by their word and send us the GVI content creation software that they said the would over and over and still have not. I understand about delays, etc but...

    Pardon my frustration but, If we cannot get the tools to make content for their new platform (developers content sells that platform) what chance do we have to get improvements on iMIDI?

    Without content developers, sample player companies would fade fast.

    Note: Our programmer is one of the best iMIDI programmers out there. It is too limited. This does not mean we will drop GS3... we just have to find a work around or release a version without the scripting features found in the Kontakt 2 version.
    Bela D Media | www.BelaDMedia.com

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