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Topic: Midi file snippits please

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    Midi file snippits please

    Could some of you post some examples of your work you do in GPO only that will work with Cubasis? Just some short examples of say background strings hollywood style movie clip type stuff. Maby just whip up some examples of the instruments you use for the background textures only. I just watched cat woman last night and the scene where she gets flushed out the tube where the background strings are just low and the french horns punch up the suspense. I have zero background in music theory or orchastration but I really learn by example, (looking for some entry level books as well, maby some of you have some used books I could buy?)

    Anyway, I hear something, I try to figure out what instruments are being used and I end up not wven getting close to the sound I am trying to create. The other night I played with it starting about 6pm, well I started getting hungry and noticed the sun was comming up so I never even bothered to go to sleep.

    Please help me with some small examples in midi format that will run usiing GPO and Cubasis that comes with the GPO package. I am not trying to short cut anything here as far as learning all the basics, my thinking here is to interest my 15 year old son in using these tools in his life long journy in music, you see he spends at least 90 percent of his free time playing and learning his guitar. If I could see an actual running midi program rather than listen to an mp3 would really give me a boost to spend the time needed to learn the basics as it shows me the software/hardware system I have really can make those awsome sounds.

    I loaded up a Violin the other day and my son said "Hey that's a cool sound" and played with it for quite a while. His band brok up because he did not want to play grunge music, he is experimenting with Beatles mostly

    Maybe there should be a complete newbe section on the forums as most of the stuff here is pretty deep.

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    Lightbulb Re: Midi file snippits please

    Hi, Metron - -

    An all-nighter, eh? That's what GPO will do to ya!

    Will Cubasis load Cubase SX2 ".cpr" project files? I have many only-GPO pieces and would be glad to send you a few (three all-GPO pieces that I was preparing for the GPO Composition contest and which were withdrawn, for example). Some are quite complex (20 or more tracks) and some are quite minimal (4 or 5 tracks).

    DOES ANYONE KNOW about loading ".cpr" files in Cubasis?

    Let me know ... KevinKauai

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