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Topic: The Swan redone with Final Gofriller

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    Arrow The Swan redone with Final Gofriller

    The Gofriller has reached the final stage of testing and is due to be sent to NI for encoding into the K2 player.
    I thought it would be interesting to close this phase, with how I started it.
    A demo of Saint Saens The Swan.

    The Swan.mp3

    2 Things hit me with this.

    How much this Cello has improved, and been refined since its inception. Harmonics, Altra Corde, Bow noise, Vibrato Variation etc, etc,

    How much I have improved in playing it. In some ways these sonic-morphing instruments represent a Paradigm Shift, and it takes a little time to understand how to coax the best out of them. Although that is probably true of any new library.

    Thanks to Gary, Giorgio and the other members of the Beta Team.

    Those of you who like the Garritan Solo Stradi.......you are gonna love this Cello.

    regards Joe

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    Thumbs up Re: The Swan redone with Final Gofriller

    Excellent Swan, Joe. I thought the first one you did was great, but this one even better. i hope to get the cello, but right now saving up for JABB first.


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    Re: The Swan redone with Final Gofriller


    Excellent rendering of Swan. You have a good handle on the cello and of course the harp.



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    Re: The Swan redone with Final Gofriller

    Excellent!! I used to play that piece myself, one of my favorites. Thank you very much bringing this on the forum. Really, the cello sound is marvellous.


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    Re: The Swan redone with Final Gofriller

    I am just starting to learn the Strad and it takes a real touch and technique to get those sounds. It's not easy.


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    Re: The Swan redone with Final Gofriller

    Thanks friends for the kind words.
    It is indeed not easy to gain mastery of these new Sonic Morphing Instruments, although you can get very encouraging results immediately.

    To release all their possibilities takes a little bit of time, study and application because they give the user an unprecedented level of control.

    I can promise, though, that it starts to get quicker.
    What used to take me an hour, now takes 10 minutes.
    I think the typical beginners mistake is to revel in the pleasure of portamenti, and full-on vibrato all over the place.
    When you start to get a measure of control over these 2 factors, these instruments really begin to sing.

    The portamenti are very resposive to velocity.
    A velocity of 100 yields no slide. A velocity of 5 gives you a slow soaring swoop. A velocity of 55-70 gives you a small sneaky slide that may sound unspectacular but adds a lot of realism to the leagato.

    My role model for the Cello is Jacqueline Du Pre, so this influences my choices, but others will have different preoccupations and this will surely come out in their renderings.

    regards Joe

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    Re: The Swan redone with Final Gofriller

    Ahhh so sweet...

    Joe, you and that cello make a beautiful pair.


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    Re: The Swan redone with Final Gofriller

    beautiful work, Joe, very natural and "airy"


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    Re: The Swan redone with Final Gofriller

    Thanks Karl and Roberto.
    I have really enjoyed releasing my inner Cellist.

    regards Joe

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    Re: The Swan redone with Final Gofriller



    You keep outdoing yourself.

    You are becoming quite the virtual cello maestro. You really know how to make this instrument sing. Soon we will call you Yo-yo Joe

    This has come a long way since your first version. Thanks for helping us refine and improve the instrument. Viola next!

    Gary Garritan

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