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Topic: Soundcare outs to Monitors?

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    Soundcare outs to Monitors?

    Hi Everyone,

    Can I please get an idea of your hardware configuration to support soundcard to monitors?

    I have an RME Multi-face soundcard, which has 8 outs. I have a Hafler amplifier that I plug in monitors (non powered speakers) into and then plug the amplifier into RME multiface outs. My amplifier has only gain control (for each monitor) and for some reason, the monitors sound pretty bad. I think I could put an outboard mixer (which I have from many years ago) between the soundcard outs and amplifier and probably get better sound, but lots of hardware just to power speakers. So, maybe I need to get powered speakers? I've been using my headphones since I switched to a DAW and just now getting around to getting a better mixing environment. Any info on your present setup would be appreciated.


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    Re: Soundcare outs to Monitors?

    Also wanted to mention, when I said the mixer would make monitors sound better, I meant just from a balancing/volume control stand-point. The amp and monitors sounded great when i had a 100% hardware setup and did not use a DAW soundcard.


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    Re: Soundcare outs to Monitors?

    Sounds like an impedance mis-match.. I don't have this card, but I have an RME fireface, I assume that it will give a line level output... could you possibly be inputting on phono (record deck) inputs?... the output could just be too 'hot' for the input... are there 'tape' inputs? They should work fine...

    Barrie B

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    Re: Soundcare outs to Monitors?

    Hi Barrie -

    Yes you are right. They should work fine and they now do. I had a right output hooked to a left input and a bad wire connection.

    I also discovered though that room accoustics count. I'm setup in a second bedroom with not much in it and there's a certain frequency that "booms" from the piano - I don't get the same issue with headphones and also had a recording engineer type listen and that was the diagnosis. Not too sure I'm thrilled at hanging up those black acoustic squares on the walls. There goes the room decor...

    Thanks for your reply.


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