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Topic: GPO is not playing all the notes in my sequence.???

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    GPO is not playing all the notes in my sequence.???

    Hey Guys!

    I have come accross a problem in a few of my compositions where at certain points in the piece some notes are not sounding. It will just cutt the note out and then play the next few and miss one again. The strange thing is when i mute some of the other tracks then the missing notes sound. Why is it cutting out some of the notes?? Is it a polyphony thing or maybe a cpu usage or RAM issue?? I have no idea! Im using GPO as a VSTI in Cubase SX.

    System specs: AMD Duo Procssor 3.2 Gig. 1 Gig RAM , 160Gig HD.

    Also im not getting a WET/DRY option when i click on the LOAD button it just shows the instrument families straight away without the wet or dry option.

    Thanks everyone for ur time. Hope somone can help me!


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    Re: GPO is not playing all the notes in my sequence.???

    Hi Phill, boy it sure sounds like a RAM/Polyphony issue to me. I don't use a PC but I've found that no matter what platform you use, when it comes to audio and especially virtual instruments, having lots of RAM is VERY important. Not having enough RAM will definitely affect your polyphony because for a computer, accessing RAM is soooo much faster than accessing a hard disk. It also eases up on the wear and tear on your hard disk when you have more RAM and makes your computer much more responsive. These days a Gigabyte of RAM in a computer used for audio would be considered just barely enough. RAM is pretty reasonably priced these days so there's really no reason not to add more. Hope this helps.
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