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Topic: Gigastudio disabled multi outs.

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    Gigastudio disabled multi outs.

    I just cleanly reinstalled Gigastudio160 v2.54 on my PC.
    My PC has Creamware Luna2 + Pulsar2 cards and MOTU2408MKII audio interfaces.
    The problem is that when I select the "Scope/Pulsar Multichannel Driver [Card 1]" on the Gigastudio Hardware/Routing, all the Outputs Enabled columns were disabled.
    Before I reinstalled the Gigastudio, I was able to enable all 32 outputs there.
    Now I only can use output 1&2, the rest are disabled.
    Anybody know the reason?


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    Re: Gigastudio disabled multi outs.

    Oh sorry for my stupidity, in fact it's not a problem, I just forgot to run it in Creamware Scope mode.


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