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Topic: VSL's new organ demo

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    VSL's new organ demo

    Originally Posted by Dietz
    Here you go:


    Bit OT, but I think that the Organ demo is pretty awesome sounding. :-)

    Is all the ambience in the demo coming from the library? Or is additional ambience added?
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    Thanks for the flowers, Eric :-)

    The reverb you hear in Guy's "Toccata" comes from AltiVerb 5, as he told us - in addition to the dedicated release-samples of each note. The actual reverb of the Vienna Konzerthaus' Great Hall is much shorter (about 1.6 seconds).

    The funny thing is: As soon as you switch off the releases completely, you get the impression of a bone-dry studio-organ, as there is nothing in the continuous tone of a flute (once it is playing) that "triggers" the room again. IOW - you can choose the location you want to put this 10x20 meters instrument into.

    ... maybe we should open another thread for keeping this one tidy ... ;-)

    This is one of the few demos I've heard that transcends being a demo. To me it's irrelevant that it's a product demo; the machinery just disappears and I'm swept away by the music and the performance.

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    Re: VSL's new organ demo

    I agree! It really sounds wonderful.

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    Re: VSL's new organ demo

    Thanks again for your kind words (and for the new thread ;-) ...)!

    Guy Bacos informed me yesterday that he prepared a slightly improved version of the "Toccata", using less additional reverb, but adding the supplied "room tone" of the Great Hall instead (... actually just a bit of very specific noise). For me, the piece sounds even clearer and deeper now.

    The updated version is available under the same link Nick quoted above.


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    Re: VSL's new organ demo

    Amazing work! I love it!

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    Re: VSL's new organ demo

    Thanks for your interest, Tom.

    Each individual flute / bell / whatever of the Konzerthaus Organ was recorded, for each manual and pedal, so you are very well able to combine any registration you want to hear, even while playing. The "ready made" combinations are included mainly for your convenience. If you combine individual registers (lets say 8, for instance), you may easily ending up with the need for 200 stereo-voices or more if you play with both hands, pedal, and have the reverb of previous notes still playing. With the modular combinations you will only need a fraction of this figure.

    There are additional layers for valve-noises (again individually for each note of every manual / pedal) and the pure background-noise of the organ running idle. The inclusion of other mechanical noises isn't necassary, simply because there ain't any :-). Allthough the Konzerthaus Organ is about 100 years old, it was carefully refurbished a few years ago, and you can set its registers electronically - even by MIDI, if you want to do so.

    Another major advantage of the VSL's Konzerthaus Organ is the fact that due to the very controlled environment of the Great Hall (opposed to a church organ) we were able to capture nuances especially in the high-end which are otherwise buried in the background noise; several of the highest registers show clear harmonics well over 20 kHz.

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    Re: VSL's new organ demo

    I thouroughly enjoyed listening to this piece. It does have great depth too.

    I have the Horizon Series Glass and Stones, so far this has been used on more tracks than anything else I have.

    Thanks for posting this


    And now also at Flickr!



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    Re: VSL's new organ demo

    Thanks, Simon!


    While we're at it ... I hope that I'm allowed to post the link to another piece using the Konzerthaus Organ, in a completely different context: Beat Kaufmann produced Händel's Organ Concerto No1 op4:

    -> http://www.vsl.co.at/Player2.aspx?Lang=12&DemoId=4980

    There's a lot of tutorial informations available, too.

    Enjoy! :-)

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