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Topic: Synthogy Ivory Troubles

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    Synthogy Ivory Troubles

    I recently installed Ivory 1.6 on my 3.0 GHz P4, 2GB RAM with the new Italian grand. It sounds great for about 30 seconds, then I/O Errors start to appear. It does not matter what buffer size I use, how many voices (even with 24), or if I run Ivory stand alone, within Sonar or Tracktion. Each Ivory library file is completely defragmented (1 fragment per file). Has anybody seen this issue and succesfully resolved?

    As soon as I see the I/O error occur, I cannot load any other instruments either, as I get a series of "System Disk Errors" and "Out Of Memory" errors (the memory in use never exceeds 1 GB)

    Thanks in advance for your time,

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    Re: Synthogy Ivory Troubles

    Did you possibly install the Italian Grand to a different drive (or to your system drive) than the rest of the Ivory samples?

    Just a shot in the dark.


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    Re: Synthogy Ivory Troubles

    well, your problem definitely sounds different than the one i had with ivory, but maybe this info could be helpfu to ul: i was getting out of memory messages every time i would re-load ivory or try to put ivory into a project with other things in it (it only worked when i first loaded ivory by itself)-- even though i seemed to have enough memory (i have 2 gb's) -- so i did the "/3gb switch", which i was able to find instructions for via a short google search, and have not had this problem since-- seems there was some sort of memory allocation problem-- anyway, hope this helps, and if not i hope u find the solution quickly (have u e-mailed tech support? they were pretty helpful with me, though in the end they did not have a solution and luckily i solved the problem on my own)

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    Re: Synthogy Ivory Troubles

    I have been thinking about buying. Are a lot of people having trouble with it


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    Re: Synthogy Ivory Troubles

    jeff, even though i did have the aforementioned issue, ivory is probably the best purchase i have made in a sample library/vst to date-- it is excellent, and fun to play-- also, not a lot of ppl. seem to have had issues; if they had, u'd see much more negative feedback, and the company would have been forced to find a solution-- it is probably b/c of my dell computer on which windows has never been reinstalled properly-- i highly recommend this product!

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