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Topic: Dear friends, I want introduce myself.

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    Dear friends, I want introduce myself.

    Dear friends, I want introduce myself.

    I am a composer, pianist,
    My name is Guilherme Schroeter.

    I like debate about Notion and Protege (that I buyed last week)

    I competing on the Notion challenge with:

    1)Serenade "Classica" for Clarinet (Bb) and strings (C Major) Op.60
    2)Canzonetta for Woodwinds (quintet - with french horn - F Major) Op.163
    3)Piano Concerto Op.209 No.4 (Bb minor) - first mov.

    My catalogue (updated in november, 30, 2006)

    29 Preludes for Piano op.1
    Sonata for Violin and Piano op.2 no.1
    Infant Suite for Piano op.3 no.1
    Sonatine for Piano op.4
    6 Ideas for Piano op.5
    Suite for Flute and Piano op.6 no.1
    Sonata for Violin and Piano op.7 no.2
    Impromptu for Piano op.8
    Fantasy for Guitar and Piano op.9
    Fantasy for Cello and Piano op.10
    Music for Violin and Piano op.11
    Fantasy for Clarinet and Piano op.12 No.1
    Fantasy for Piano op.13 no.1
    Brasiliana for Piano op.14
    3 Themes for Piano op.15
    Poetic Prelude for Piano op.16 no.1
    Fantasy for Flute and Piano op.17 no.1
    Scherzo for Bassoon and Piano op.18
    Poetic Prelude for Piano op.19 no.2
    Suite Infantil for Piano op.20 no.2
    Prelude and Fuga for Piano op.21
    Fantasy for Violin and Piano op.22
    Fantasy for Piano op.23 no.2
    Sonata for Cello and Piano op.24
    Two part Invention for Piano op.25
    Music for Violin Viola and Piano op.26
    Fantasy for Piano op.27 no.3
    Fantasy for Piano op.28 no.4
    Music for Piano op.29
    Ballade for Piano op.30
    "I Love You" for Singer 2 Fl. and Piano op.31
    Suite for Flute and Piano op.32 no.2
    Fantasy for Flute and Piano op.33 no.2
    Theme and 7 variations for Piano op.34
    Sonata for Viola and Piano op.35
    Etude for Piano op.36 no.1
    Etude for Piano op.37 no.2
    Fantasy for Flute Clarinet Bass.and P.op.38
    Etude for Piano op.39 no.3
    Etude for Piano op.40 no.4
    Nocturne for Piano op.41 no.1
    Nocturne for Piano op.42 no.2
    Nocturne for Piano op.43 no.3
    Nocturne for Piano op.44 no.4
    Nocturne for Piano op.45 no.5
    "Rio" for Singer and Piano op.46
    Nocturne for Piano op.47 no.6
    Sonata for Bassoon and Piano op.48 no.1
    Fantasy for Oboe and Piano op.49
    Sonata for Violin and Piano op.50 no.3
    Sonata for Violin and Piano op.51 no.4
    Nocturne for Piano op.52 no.7 for Piano
    Fantasy for Trio and Piano Op.53
    Conc.for Piano and Orchestra op.54 no.1
    "Mar" for Singer and Piano op.55
    Poetic Prelude for Piano op.56 no.3
    Symphonic Overture for Orchestra op.57
    Symphonic Moment for Orchestra op.58
    "Feeling" for Piano op.59
    Serenade for Violin and Cordas op.60
    3 Poemas for Piano op.61
    4 Fant.em Jazz for Violin and Piano op.62
    5 Fantasies em Jazz for Piano op.63
    "Walk in the Street" for Piano op.64
    "Landscape" for Piano op.65
    "The River" for Piano op.66
    "My Son Playing" for Piano op.67
    "The Cloud" for Piano op.68
    "The Stars" for Piano op.69
    "Mortality of the Insects" for P.op.70
    "Happy Hour" for Piano op.71
    "Sad Waltz" for Piano op.72
    Nocturne for Piano op.73 no.8
    "Mrs. Evie drink the tea" for Piano op.74
    "Mr.Alfred drink the cofee" for Piano op.75
    Nocturne for Piano op.76 no.9
    Serenade for Trump.Sax 2 Tromb.T.and P.op.77
    "The Toy" for Piano op.78
    "Planets" for Flute and Piano op.79
    28 Romantic Themes for Piano op.80
    Nocturne for Piano op.81 no.10
    Nocturne for Piano op.82 no.11
    "...for the sick children" for Piano op.83
    Fantasy for Piano op.84 no.5
    Waltz for Piano for two hands Op.85
    Concerto for Piano and Orchestra op.86 no.2
    Suite for Piano op.87 no.3
    Scherzo for Piano op.88
    Toccata for Piano op.89
    Sonata for Piano op.90 no.2
    Nocturne for Piano op.91 no.12
    Christmas Rhapsody for piano op.92 no.1
    Christmas Rhapsody for piano op.93 no.2
    Etude for piano op.94 no.5
    Canzonetta for 4 Cellos op.95
    Rhapsody (Rach) for Piano op.96
    Rhapsody (Penny Lane) for Piano op.97
    Rhapsody (Happy Birthday) for Piano op.98
    Hungarian Dance for 2 Pianos op.99
    Polonaise for Piano op.100
    Polonaise for Piano op.101
    Chopin Concerto op.102
    Fantasy in jazz No.1 for Trombone and Piano Op.103
    Fantasy in jazz No.2 for Trombone and Piano Op.104
    Fantasy in jazz No.3 for Trombone and Piano Op.105
    Fantasy in jazz No.4 for Trombone and Piano Op.106
    Etude for Guitar op.107
    Nocturne for Guitar op.108
    Theme for Sibelius op.109 no.1
    Ritwav for G.,Bass, E.P.and Strings op.110 no.1
    Ritwav for Organ and Violin op.111 no.2
    Ritwav for Trumpet Piano Bass and Drums op.112 no.3
    Woman Dancing in the Desert for Orchestra op.113
    Movie Theme for Orchestra op.114 no.29
    God Save the Queen for Piano op.115
    One Kiss in Albeniz for Piano op.116
    One Kiss in Tchaikowsky for Piano op.117
    Movie Theme for Orchestra Op.118 no.01
    Minute Bach for Str, 2 P, Organ and Bass Guitar Op.119
    Movie Theme for Piano and Orchestra Op.120 no.02
    Movie Theme for Orchestra Op.121 no.03
    Movie Theme for Vibraphone and Orchestra Op.122 no.04
    Movie Theme for Wood. P. and Orchestra Op.123 no.05
    Movie Theme for Piano and Orchestra Op.124 no.06
    Movie Theme for Oboe P. Cel.and Orchestra Op.125 no.07
    Ritwav for Bass Trumpet Organ Guitar and Drums Op.126 no.4
    Ritwav for Guitar Bass and Drums Op.127 no.5
    Ritwav for Organ Bass and Drums Op.128 no.6
    Ritwav for 2 Organs Strings, Bass and Drums Op.129 no.7
    Movie Theme for Piano and Orchestra Op.130 no.08
    Ritwav for Trumpets Organ Guitar and Drums Op.131 no.8
    Ritwav for Organ, Bass Guitar and Drums Op.132 no.9
    Ritwav for 2 Trumpet Horn 2 Organs Bass Drums and Strings Op.133 no.10
    Ritwav for 2 Organs Bass and Drums Op.134 no.11
    Ritwav for 2 Organs Bass and Drums Op.135 no.12
    Movie Theme No.9 for Piano and Orchestra Op.136 no.09
    Movie Theme No.10 for Piano and Orchestra Op.137 no.10
    Song for Naira for Singer and Piano Op.138
    Song for Weber No.3 for Piano Op.139
    Sorcere's Apprendice (adaptation) Op.140
    Sonata for Violin and Piano Op.141
    Musica - I Feel Affliction for Violin and Piano Op.142
    Scherzo for Violin and Piano Op.143
    Theme for Sibelius Op.144 no.2
    Movie Theme No.11 for 2 Guitars and Orchestra Op.145
    Etude No.6 "Katrina" for Piano Op.146
    Movie Theme No.12 for Piano and Orchestra Op.147
    Movie Theme No.13 for Bass and Orchestra Op.148
    Movie Theme No.14 for Bass and Orchestra Op.149
    Movie Theme No.15 for Piano and Orchestra Op.150
    Movie Theme No.16 for Piano and Orchestra Op.151
    Movie Theme No.17 for Trumpet and Orchestra Op.152
    Movie Theme No.18 for Piano and Orchestra Op.153
    Movie Theme No.19 for Flute and Orchestra Op.154
    Movie Theme No.20 for Piano Orchestra Op.155
    Movie Theme No.21 for Harmonica Orchestra Op.156
    Movie Theme No.22 for Piano and Orchestra Op.157
    Canzonetta for Flute, Oboe and Cello Op.158
    Canzonetta for 4 Clarinets Op.159
    Fantasy for Clarinet and Piano Op.160 No.2
    Sonata No.1 for Flute and Piano Op.161
    Sonata No.1 for Clarinet (Bb) and Piano Op.162
    Canzonetta for Flute Oboe Clarinet (Bb) Bassoon and French Horn Op.163
    Canzonetta for String Quartet Op.164
    Symphonic Suite No.1 op.165
    Movie Theme No.23 for Piano and Orchestra Op.166
    Movie Theme No.24 for Piano and Orchestra Op.167
    Movie Theme No.25 for Piano and Orchestra Op.168
    Movie Theme No.26 for Flute and Orchestra Op.169
    Happy Moment in C for Vibraphone and Strings Op.170
    Movie theme No.27 for Piano Op.171
    Movie Theme No.28 for Piano and Orchestra Op.172
    Movie Theme No.30 for Vibraphone and Orchestra Op.173
    Movie Theme No.31 for Piano and Orchestra Op.174
    Movie Theme No.32 for Orchestra Op.175
    Movie Theme No.33 for Piano and Orchestra Op.176
    Movie Theme No.34 for Trumpet, Piano and Orchestra Op.177
    Song for Weber No.1 for Piano Op.178
    Movie Theme No.39 for Orchestra Op.179
    Piano Concerto Op.180 No.3 Op.180
    Movie Theme No.35 for Piano Op.181
    Movie Theme No.36 for Piano and Orchestra Op.182
    Movie Theme No.37 for Piano and Orchestra Op.183
    Movie Theme No.38 for Flute and Orchestra Op.184
    Sonata for Clarinet (Bb) and Piano Op.185 No.2
    Sonata for Cello and Piano Op.186 No.2
    Sonata for Viola and Piano Op.187 No.2
    Fantasy for Bassoon and Piano Op.189
    Scherzo for Oboe and Piano Op.190
    Sonata No.1 for Oboe and Piano Op.191
    Fantasy No.2 for Trio (Strings) and Piano Op.192
    Sonata No.3 for Cello and Piano Op.193
    Serenade Classica for Brass Quartet and Strings Op.194
    Musica for Violin Cello and Piano Op.195
    Serenade Classica for Woodinds and Strings Op.196
    Musica for Flute and Clarinet Op.197
    Sonata Basson Op.198 no.02
    Fantasy for Brass and Piano Op.199
    Song for Weber No.2 for Piano Op.200
    Come Back to Me for Voice Piano and orchestra Op.201
    Musica for String Quartet Op.202
    Sonata for Bassoon and Piano Op.203 no.2
    Musica for Trombone and Piano Op.204
    Musica for Contrabass and Piano Op.205
    Sonata for Cello and Piano Op.206 no.4
    Musica for Flute Clarinet and Piano Op.207
    Serenade for Clarinet and Strings Op.208
    Piano Concerto Op.209 No.4
    Waltz for Piano Op.210 no.2
    Nocturne for Piano Op.211 No.13

    Will be a honor participate in this important forum.


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    Re: Dear friends, I want introduce myself.

    Welcome and thanks for sharing your canon. Very impressive.

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    Re: Dear friends, I want introduce myself.

    Dear Mr. Davecos,

    Thanks for your welcome...
    I will enjoy talk with you.

    Are you competing on the challenge?

    Sincerely yours,


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    Re: Dear friends, I want introduce myself.

    If you write like your name sake then you must be brilliant. His second piano concerto, second movement is the most beautiful in all of creation.

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    Re: Dear friends, I want introduce myself.

    Oh yes! I did enter the compitition. I submitted two pieces.

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    Re: Dear friends, I want introduce myself.

    Have you posted anything in the listening room?

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    Dear Miss George Sand

    Dear Miss George Sand

    Thanks for your nice letter.
    I dont know how put my records on this forum
    I ask if you help me do it, thanks!

    here some links of my music and bio

    Marry Christmas and Happy new year to you!


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    More links of mine

    Here is more links of mine

    My scores at sibeliusmusic.com

    Here I share some of my computer music experience with friends

    My Piano Concerto no.3 awarded

    The orchestra and record company that recorded my Piano concerto no.3

    My audio samples on myspace ( I work with pop to suport my classical music projects) soundclick and Music forte



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    Dear Miss George Sand

    I like hear your compositions too!
    if you tell me where is it!



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